For long time until now, the supporters of independence have struggled for the liberation of their oppressed people who live in this part of South Asia. (By name called Sindh or Indus Valley)  All this while, they have earned the rage of many rulers who have taken over power their homeland.  Whenever anyone has tried to raise their voice against the occupation of their Motherland Sindh, they have been imprisoned, agonized, tortured and martyred.

This is the significant time for all Sindhi nations’ rational people to speak on their land’s lament who aspire to tell their case to all civilized nations of the world, especially the self-determined  thinking people who are living in the 21st century, about the atrocities that have been committed against our Motherland Sindh, by ruthless occupying Panjabi imperialist.

We wish to state here, that Sindh is a distinct geographic entity through the ages it has been expanding and contracting. It has been independent and enslaved during various stages of its history but, at the same time, it has always had a pure and proud soul that has never accepted slavery or indignity. It has never surrendered to death despite the fact that attempts have been made to bond or break it.

We want to tell world’s people, and its intellectuals, how a nation which has given the lead to all peoples of the world in the fields of art and culture is now being brutalized and held captive by force and fraud of Punjab. There are people in this land who are under the influence of Punjabi imperialism and it so called fundamental Islamic State since half century.

We have reached a stage where we cannot remain aloof from what is happening around us. The struggle that we launched is called the movement for independence from Punjabi imperialism. We appeal to the all intellectuals of Sindhi nation and its brave new generation that since we did not have adequate political acumen and since we are entangled in problems in this so called independent state we demanding total independence for our country.

We are going to launch our own newspaper through internet , unfortunately in this so called state the free media controlled our people oppressive ideas through their state functionaries and sources ,Punjabi media always protected by Punjabi imperialist , literature through their media , it is essential for conscious, educated, and progressive Sindhi peoples to come  forward and aware their nation about Punjabi tact’s  and conspiracies and planning , our literary people should write in this online newspaper as we can be able to connected with international secular communities of the world , at the same time , obviously  slave Sindhi nations ideas and their present conditions can be watched through Indus tribune , due to Paki slavery system our secular , liberal and Sufi concepts are tarnished , we being a institute of Indus tribune intended to restore our secular liberal image of Sindh not only restoration, we will try to our level best to be contacted with international organizations , we are also representative of freedom fighter movement of Sindh we hope that  Sindhi nation will extend their hands of cooperation  with us and raise their suppressed voice by writing in this magazine.