Exiled Balochistan leaders Join hands to stop Baloch Genocide

LONDON — Exiled leaders of the Baloch national movement, Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti head of BRP and Nawab Mehran Marri have decided to join hands in an effort to highlight the genocide being inflicted on the Baloch people in Pakistan-occupied Balochistan.

In a joint statement issued on Sunday, the two leaders said the Pakistani state and security forces continue their atrocious in Balochistan and that the Baloch Genocide was being intensified with every passing day.
“Gross human rights abuses, war crimes, enforced disappearances, torture, mutilated dead bodies left on roadsides, and the targeting of civilians including women and children have become a routine practice by Pakistani security forces in 13alochistan,” said Brahmdagh and Mehran Marri in their statement

“These are crimes against humanity and naked violations of international laws,” the two added.
In the light of the worsening situation, both Baloch leaders have announced they will hold an international awareness campaign to bring the world, attention towards the Baloch Genocide.
According to the statement, the worldwide awareness campaign will include protest demonstrations, advertisements, pamphleteering and other grassroots means to draw the attention of the international community, human rights groups, international media and the general public towards the plight of the Baloch people.
The campaign will be aimed at pushing the power centers of the world, including European capitals and North America, to intervene in Balochistan and play their role to stop the Pakistani State and its military-industrial complex from eradicating the Baloch from their 5,000-year old land as Islamabad sells itself to China.