Baloch and Sindhis Share Mutual Challenges: BSO-Azad

BSO-Azad has strongly condemned the abduction of Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz’s activist Rooplo Sindhi by Pakistani secret agencies in Matli area of Badin, Sindh. 

[Online] In a statement issued on Thursday, BSO-A central spokesman has said that Baloch and Sindhi nation share mutual challenges in facing the same tyrant enemy. Pakistani state has started to use its dirty ‘Kill & Dump’ tactic in Sindh too.

Central spokesman of BSO-Azad said that “Despite daily extrajudicial abductions and murders of Baloch activists, Balochistan freedom struggle is moving forward at an increasing pace. Similarly, Pakistan will not succeed against Sindhi freedom movement by carrying out such heinous crimes in Sindh”.

The spokesman further said that “it is high time that the oppressed Sindhis and Baloch get closer in their struggles. The only way to end the tyranny and miseries of both the nations is the achievement of independence”.

BSO-Azad strongly condemned the abduction of JSMM leader Ruplo Sindhu by Pakistani secret agencies in Matli area of Badin, Sindh.

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