Baloch traitors must remember the end of Mulla Qadir: Mehran Marri

Speaking over the execution of Mula Abdul Qadir accused of being involved in the war crimes and holocaust in Bangladesh during the war of 1971, Mehran Baloch, The Representative of Balochs’ at UNHR & EU, said that every person involved in the heinous crimes against humanity anywhere must be charged and executed like that. 

Pakistani generals would also face same consequences in future over committing mass genocide, holocaust and tyrannies in Balochistan one day. he said

They must view the fate of their allies in Bangladesh. He also warned the Baloch traitors who are supporting Pakistan military in the same way in Balochistan would also meet the same fate. “They should learn a good lesson from the history of Bangladesh and execution of Mula Abdul Qadir” he added.

Pakistani army would leave you helpless as it left their allies in Bangladesh.

He further said that the Balochs who are treacherous towards Balochs and involved in defamation of Baloch political movement for liberation of Balochistan, conspiring against Baloch leaders and people of Balochistan on the payroll of Pakistan by sitting in foreign and being played as cards to veil the war crimes by Pakistan on international grounds must not forget that they have to live and die in the soil of Balochistan and them by their selves and their generations would be held accountable for their deeds by people of Balochistan and would be executed in the same way as Mula Abdul Qadir.