House of BRP leader attacked with grenades in Afghanistan

Pakistani forces continue their Baloch genocidal policies. House of BRP leader attacked by Pakistani secret agencies in Spin Boldek area of Afghanistan on Friday.

The intelligence agencies of Pakistan have attacked the house of Baloch Republican Party Dera Bugti president Riaz Gul Bugti in Spin Boldek, Afghanistan. Old-aged mother of the BRP leader and his ten years old daughter Rajo Bibi got injured in the hand grenade attack on the refugee camp.  Spokesperson of BRP MR. Sher Muhammad Bugti expressed his views in one of his statement. He further stated that “The claims of Pakistani regime about peacemaking efforts in Balochistan are nothing but tactics to conceal the continuous genocidal policies of the state forces not only in Balochistan but anywhere in the world where Baloch reside. The state forces are continually targeting Baloch civilians who have migrated to Afghanistan because of the inhumane atrocities of the state against them in Balochistan”.

‘The house of BRP leader Riaz Gul Bugti in a refugee camp in Spin Boldek area of Afghanistan has been attacked with hand grenades. His old-aged mother and innocent daughter have been wounded in the attack. International organizations for refugees including the United Nations have turned a blind eye towards the sufferings of Baloch refugees in Afghanistan who were forced to migrate from their homeland by the state forces through their Baloch genocidal policies including military operations, enforced disappearances, torture, and custodial killings’. He added

BRP UK president Mansoor Baloch and other activists condemned the attack on their house in strongest possible terms. They said that the assault on the house of BRP political leader Riaz Gul Bugti is the continuity of anti-Baloch policies of the Pakistani state. [pullquote] International organizations for refugees including the United Nations have turned a blind eye toward the sufferings of Baloch refugees in Afghanistan – Sher Muhammad Bugti.[/pullquote] Pakistani armed forces and secret agencies have continually targeted the Baloch political activists and innocent civilians in Balochistan to deter the national struggle of the Baloch people for their national freedom and sovereignty. A brother of BRP leader Riaz Gul Bugti and Sher Baz Bugti, namely Sher Gul Bugti, was abducted by the secret agencies of Pakistan from Dera Bugti in 2008. He is missing till this date, and there is no clue about his fate and safety. They further stated that agencies have started attacking the Baloch civilians and political activists even in Afghanistan where they migrated to save their lives from the state forces and their ongoing atrocities.

Baloch Republican Party calls upon the international community, human rights groups and world refugee organizations to step forward and play their role in saving lives of the Baloch civilians being massacred by the state forces in multiple ways.

Previously multiple attacks have been made by the secret agencies of the state against Baloch refugees in Afghanistan. Suicide bombers and IED explosions targeted the camp of Baloch refugees in the past where several innocents lost their lives. In an attack on Baloch refugee camp on March 25, 2011, by the Pakistani forces killed an innocent Baloch civilian namely Dur Khan Bugti s/o Gul Bahar Bugti and wounded three children.