Sindh is occupied in the name of Two Nation Theory: Sajjad Shar

The ancient history of Sindhudesh can be traced from the ruins of Amri, Kot Diji, Mohan-Jo-Daro, Kaho-Jo-Daro, Khanker, Jhangara and Chanihoon-Jo-Daro and some lesser-known areas. Some of these habitations of ancient civilization are said to be 5,000 years old. The discoveries of Amri are said to be 3,000 years B.C., Kot Diji is of about 2,500 B.C., Mohan-Jo-Daro is of about 2,300 B.C. From all these archaeological findings it is evident that since then Sindhudesh had achieved a civilization worthy of a civilized citizenry. It is; therefore, of no surprise that archaeologists are of the opinion that the civilizations of Egypt, Summaries, Assyria and Babylon were somewhat of an earlier period than that of Mohan-Jo-Daro, yet for a short span it also remained their contemporary civilization. But today that thousand year’s civilization is going backward due to Punjabi imperialism.

The cause of Sindh’s poverty and backwardness is the present Punjabi imperialism in the name of Pakistan. How much has Sindh suffered that is uncountable. It is matter of satisfaction that a large number of intelligentsia understands the mischief of wrong interpretation of the separate nationhood of Muslims, Pakistan and Muslim country and has started looking to it from proper perspective. We have the frequent opportunity to talk to all kinds and classes of our people, particularly the educated youth and intellectuals. All of them have ceased to believe in the fascist interpretation of Islam. They don’t believe in the so-called custodians of the faith. They are fed up with the perversions of interpretations that garb the Punjabi vested interests with Islam, country and nation.

Sindhi’s conception of Islam is a belief in the unity of Mankind and homogenous prosperity, peace and progress of mankind. The concocted interpretation of Islam is creating enmity and hatred among the people of our country. Overdoing and usurpation, monopoly and domination of Punjabi vested interests are negations of the spirit of independence. The unchangeable majority, the monopoly in the armed forces, greed for power and profit and insatiable burden on the national resources and exchequer coupled with religious haughtiness and arrogance have blinded the Punjabis to the robust reality and practical utility of smaller nations in a multinational country. Little do they realize that the unadulterated and illogical authority is creating convulsions of intense and immense magnitude. It is opening flood gates for alien ideologies and bait for rupture.

Our reading of history tells us that all prophets redeem reformers and great men of all times and places have taught the lessons of love for human race. We do believe in their teachings and try to follow them. But the perverts, deranged and maniacs propagate aggression, conquest and domination. They take a hedonistic pleasure in hatred for humanity. Lam of the opinion that Sindhi Culture’s basic principles of love, co-existence, non-violence and equality economic and political will triumph. When once we are free from the subjection and servitude of Punjabis, we will be able to universalize civility, civism and culture. According to Saeen G.M Syed “I have a feeling as strong as faith that Sindhis have a mission to accomplish. Once they decided to wake up, rise and walk again, a bright future is gestating in the womb of nature for them.” No doubt the Punjabis by their military might are ruling Sindh. But there are no eternal masters and eternal slaves. The day is not far off when Sindh will free itself from the present clutches as it has done in the past. In the words of Comrade Hyder Bux Jatoi a great patriot:

Many Alexander’s and Daras came and ruled for some time, but all perished as all enemies of Sindh have. Long live Sindh and its sons. Sindh is immortal for Sindhis shall defend it till eternity.

It means we love one but when someone comes to us for loot, we cannot leave them. We can die but not give them our land. Like Hoshu Shedi Said in battle of Miani: “Marsoon Marsoon, Sindh na Ddaisun” (We’d die but wouldn’t give Sindh). Not only Hoshu but Sindh has produced one of the most dignified and valiant sons like Raja Dahir, Doleh Darya Khan, Dodo Soomro, Hemu Kalani, Rooplo Kolhi, Samiulllah Kalhoro and many others. This continuity is still going on. They preferred to die for Sindh rather than to accept humiliating conditions; they all have given glorious example of the supreme sacrifice in the cause of Sindh.

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