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Open letter of JSMM’s Chairman to the British High Commissioner Philip Barton

Mr. Philip Barton

British High Commissioner to the Pakistan

Sindhi, a historic nation, founder one of the most ancient civilizations “The Indus”, is under worst oppression, occupation and exploitation of Pakistan nowadays. Pakistan Army, I.S.I and Punjabi Imperialism have been hatching dreadful conspiracies against Sindhis time by time aimed at affirmation of occupation, exploitation and imposed slavery against it.
One of those conspiracies is “geographic division of Sindh” into two parts to colonize its territory and erase its existence from the globe. To water and accomplish this conspiracy it has been using a British citizen Altaf Hussain (MQM Chief) as perfect vanguard. It makes Altaf Hussain to make enraging and bullying statements to ignite the fire of racist civil-war/riots across Sindh.
Sindh has protested several times against these statements. Sindhi intellectuals, writers, students, women, peasants, laborers, political activists have been protesting against this conspiracy since long ago. It is shameful that British government has turned a deaf ear towards these nefarious statements of British citizen and has not taken any action to stop him still. And we fear that silence of British Govt. over the issue can turn whole Sindhi nation against Britain and Sindhis, in love with their motherland, can take severe actions against Britain in near future.
Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz (a mass political party striving for national as well as political rights and independence of Sindh and believes in democracy, justice, freedom and human rights) does not want that whole Sindhi nation may turn against Britain just because of a single person Mr. Altaf Hussain.
JSMM considers Britain a civilized country and have been appealing it in its protest demonstrations to resolve the problems of Sindhi nation. For these reasons JSMM had called upon a strike on 25 Jan, in whole Sindh to protest in front of British government and we hope that being a civilized nation British government will honor our demand and take serious action against Altaf Husaain.
We also expect a well interrogation from Altaf Hussain regarding the issue and take actions to resolve the reservations of Sindhi nation. JSMM is a nationalist organization that considers it a national duty to take all possible steps to defend its land and people from alien exploitation and comply with the historic process to liberate its people. It reserves the right to defend its people and land on every cost by challenging all imperialist forces and their allies for sake of the national freedom.
We, again, urge you to pay due respect towards the historical protest of Sindh and interrogate Altaf Hussain over the issue, otherwise Sindhi people can go against the interests of Britain.

Shafi Muhammad Burfat

Chairman Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz

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