Ensure the social security, ban Madarsas and abolish blasphemy laws

“Pakistan faces number of problems including extremism. It is being taught in Religion-run School called Madarsa, where hatred is inculcated in name of religion. Apologists of such teachings do not hesitate either detonating themselves or killing innocents who hold different faith.”

Religion is safe haven for terrorists in those countries where Shariah based constitution is imposed on the masses. Such constitution seems inimical for the minorities, and encourages heinous acts towards them. Religions have always disseminated the message of peace, love and fraternity. Unfortunately, their ideologues have misinterpreted original message of peace, co-existence and harmony fit for their vested interests. Religion does not spur to take lives of those who are of different faiths. However, it enjoins to take good care of everyone even though he/she holds different faith. There are so many registered and unregistered Madarsas that teach hate speech, intolerance, and fanaticism. This ensues suicide attacks and forced conversions. In Sindh only, a great many number of more than twelve thousand and five hundred Madarsas are running, half of those are unregistered. The number is quite appalling in less fanatical province Sindh. What about the rest of the provinces? Children admitted to Madarsas are indoctrinated and trained with digital arms, as if they are to be deployed to borders. Such teachings prompted them to detonate and lynch indiscriminately. In this way, innocents fall pray to their grisly attacks. Religion is practiced no more than exploiting it for vested interests in developing countries like Pakistan. [pullquote]In Sindh only, a great many number of more than twelve thousand and five hundred Madarsas are running, half of those are unregistered.[/pullquote]

Moreover, blasphemy law is an edict to decimate minorities without legal sanction and to gag the freedom of speech. Victims of this cannibalic law are mostly Christians, Hindus and progressive-minded Muslims. It is exploited to revenge the personal enmity. This has compelled many innocents and downtrodden multitude of minorities to migrate. It can be gauged from exodus of Hindus from Sindh and Baluchistan. Legislators impose such inhumane law to pretend their piety in order to receive back slapping of their godfathers countries. Imposing this law does not vindicate the Two-Nation theory, however justifies the violation of that supposed theory. As creation of Bangladesh prompted Indra Gandhi to claim that two-nation theory has been buried forever in Bay of Bengal.

Social insecurity has risen to the height unknown. Government shows intense aversion to implement laws that are directly concerned to its masses. It should take effective measures to ensure the social security of every citizen, ban Madarsas and abolish blasphemy law, so that neither of its citizens falls pray to such evils.

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