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Pakistan Govt. Violating Human Rights in Sindh


Human Rights Campaigners

We have been writing to you whenever we have felt the ultimate necessity to express my good will to the world peace and to communicate with you for your positive response regarding our concerns.

Sindhi Missing Person: U-D: Raja Dahir, Kamlesh, Jumi Tunio, Irfan Jamali and Allah Wadhayo
Sindhi Missing Person: U-D: Raja Dahir, Kamlesh, Jumi Tunio, Irfan Jamali and Allah Wadhayo

Notorious intelligence agencies of Pakistan, ISI, MI, IB and others have started a campaign against the nationalist groups of Sindh province in the effort to divert the national and international pressures on them and to provide intelligence reports on the activities of the religious fundamentalist groups who operate under the patronage of same law enforcement agencies.

Since 2004, the military institutions of theocratic state of Pakistan are carrying out a brutal operation against the activists of JSMM (Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz) and  As a result, most of the Central Committee members of JSMM have been abducted by Pakistani ISI and MI brutally killed during captivity.

Pakistan Army and ISI have killed 36 members of JSMM Central Body and Central Committee. More than 463 of JSMM workers were illegally arrested and disappeared by ISI and many of them were tortured to an extent that even after release they are physically and mentally disabled. 6 of JSMM activists are disappearing till now and we fear they will also be tortured till death.

We would like to inform you that after UN took notice of disappearance of Muzaffar Bhutto; General Secretary JSMM, he was killed on 22nd May 2012 (Read More). When Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances visited Karachi & Quetta in September 2012; a group headed by Afzal Panwar JSMM student leader met them who was also abducted, tortured and killed in ISI engineered fake encounter on 15th August 2013 in Kotri.

Shafi Muhammad Burfat political leader and chairman of JSMM, forcibly compelled by Pakistan state to live in exile from past 25 years. Till today he is facing threats from Pakistani institutions so that he may not strive for the freedom of Sindh.

Many leader of civilized countries like Congressman of US Mr Dan Burton and Brad Sherman also accused security agencies of Pakistan, in their letters to Pakistan’s former President Mr Asif Ali Zardari for disappearances of political and human rights activists of Sindh.

Well-known Intellectual Mr Noam Chomsky also shown his grave concern on disappearances in Sindh.

Letters of Mr Dan Burton,  Brad Sherman and Noam Chomsky

Recent Wave of Terror

Notorious intelligence agencies have started a new campaign against the nationalist groups of Sindh. Yesterday Army, ISI, MI and para military forces of Pakistan raided houses of JSMM workers and political activists in Khairpur, Hyderabad and Karachi and other cities and abducted many Sindhi political workers and joint secretary of JSMM Raja Dahir, Relatives of JSMM Secretary General Sajjad Shar, Fayaz Dahari, Jumi Tunio and Irfan Jamali.

Actions Required

Rise your voice against state-sponsored human rights violations in sindh and state operation against JSMM.

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