Sindh in Turmoil : Sajjad Shar

Land of Sindh is in perpetual strife with abduction force disappearance and murders of political leaders and activist. Besides that inspired conversions of Hindu ladies like Rinkal Kumari and other in the Islamic fold besides that the reign of terror late loose on the people is on the rise day by day while everything going on is undemocratic and oppressive to the hilt while such fascists methods are not going to deter the people of Sindh from spare heading their Movement for National Independence from  the clutches of the ruthless Panjabi imperialism which is out to perpetuate its rule of tyranny on this secular, peaceful land which has been very hospitable to all and sundry but by now the people have come to realize that without defective resistance to the cruel yoke there can be no deliverance from the presence situation hence militancy and total opposition to the state system are necessary preconditions for any further development. This also equally holds good for Balochistan as well where militancy is on the high rise since last many years, and there seems no way to stop tide of the rising Balochistan National Movement, and little amount of chicanery or wood winking shall exploit the sentiment of Baloch people who are also very sympathetic to the Sindhi National Movement for Freedom and Emancipation. In this situation the youth intellectual and broad section of the civil society of Sindh are determent to stand united and rise struggle political revolutionary movement to defeat and forestall the nefarious design of the oppressive and ruthless imperialist who are out-victimize torture and murders all a such freedom fighters revolutionary elements of Sindh such as Shaheed Samiullah Kalhoro, Shaheed Serai Qurban Khuhawar, Shaheed Rooplo Choliyani, Shaheed Noor-Ullah Tunio, Shaheed Muzafar Bhutto and recently two younger freedom fighters (Amir Khuhawar and Sajjad Markhand) kidnapped and killed by agencies and other who were tortured and on whom untold suffering were let loose it is high time that world forums like UNO, International Court of Justice, Amnesty International, European Union and other allied bodies should take notice on a such cruelties and monitor such situations on the regular basis for the future and take a severe action against the colonial and imperialists Punjabi for abating and multiplying such a crime on the peaceful civilized, cultured population of Sindh. Such a timely notice by the world bodies is a very urgent immediate need of the present time, so that this issue should become international issue and such a matters must be thoroughly investigated by the international human rights commission for the sole purpose of assessing situation and such military operations may be stopped forthwith we are taking this stand on the Justice fundamental principles of justice, equality, and humanity for the sake of world peace and to put an end to all such sort of genocide and discrimination against our nation and our national homeland for good. We are sure that our call shall be duly headed as soon as possible for ending tyranny and injustice in this part of the globe.



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