BRP announces strike in Balochistan against Sui Massacre on june 26th

[Online] Baloch Republican Party (BRP) announces shutter-down and wheel jam strike on June 26, 2013, against the massacre of innocent Baloch civilians by Pakistani forces during a massive military offensive in “Sunari Tillie Matt” area of Sui on Sunday. BRP officials announced this in Social Media.  BRP appeals to the public to support the strike call against state atrocities, human rights violations and war crimes committed by the State forces in Balochistan. Pakistani troops attacked several villages in different parts of Sui on Sunday and targeted the houses of Baloch civilians and destroyed the dozens of homes after  looting the valuables.

BRP officials further said that; The forces opened indiscriminate fire on a remembrance ceremony in “Sunari Tilli Matt” and killed eight Baloch civilians at the spot while injured twenty more. The forces claimed that all those killed during the operation were armed Baloch insurgents & claimed to have recovered large amount weaponry & explosives, and hailed the offensive as a major achievement but the truth is that all the victims were innocent Baloch civilians who were holding a ceremony in memory of their deceased ones.

“Baloch Republican Party calls for complete shutter-down and wheel-jam strike in all over Balochistan on Wednesday (June 26, 2013) against the Sui massacre and to condemn the ongoing state atrocities, military operations, gross human rights abuses including arbitrary abductions and extra-judicial killings of Baloch political activists and civilians. We appeal to the international community and human rights organizations to take notice of Baloch genocide and play their role to end it”. BRP officials added.

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