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International Human Rights Organizations must take notice, demanded the Mother of activist murdered in fake encounter

Mother of Martyred JSMM Leader Afzal Panhwar who was murdered by security agencies two days ago near Kotri has said that, we don’t expect justice from Pakistani courts. International Organizations should take notice of the murder.

Naseeban & victim of fake encounter Afzal Panhwar
Naseeban & victim of fake encounter Afzal Panhwar

[Sann]Yesterday in Sann, while entombment of Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz’s Leader Afzal panhwar, her Mother while talking to Media said that Pakistan is terrorist state who has been giving us the dead bodies of our young sons. We don’t expect any good from Pakistan. She said that after three days we will appeal International Human Rights Commissions and Ban ki Moon to take notice of state sponsored murder of my son. She further appealed to the people of Sindh to carry on struggle for national freedom. She said People die of disease even. But I am proud at my son’s martyrdom. I am ready to sacrifice my other two sons after Martyred Afzal. If National activist support me, I will carry on the mission of my son Afzal panhwar. Remember that, JSMM leader Afzal Panhwar was murdered in fake police encounter near Kotri. He was arrested first then was shot dead outside the public area of Kotri.

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