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Social Media: Down with Pakistan alarming! An Indian trend or internal threat?

On the occasion of Pakistan Defense Day twitter trend #DownWithPakistan topped for 11 hours of whole the day. It proved to be a nightmare for Pro-state social media activists from 2:00pm to 1:00am PST.

September 6, Pakistan's twitter Trend list published by @trendinaliaPK
September 6, Pakistan’s twitter trend list published by @trendinaliaPK

[Arslan Siyal / Online] On the day while Pro-state Pakistani social media activists were using #DefenceDay trend, Sindhi and Baloch activists brought their trend #DownWithPakistan to the top. They emphasized the freedom of their oppressed nations i.e Sindhi & Balochs from Pakistan and marked the day as “So-called Defense Day” where they expressed their ideas for liberation of their occupied territories.

To encounter this situation pro-state Pakistani activists introduced a new hash-tag naming #MyCountryMylovePakistan which also became a trend-topic.

At first the Pakistani Activists declared it a conspiracy of Jews. Later when the trend got the top position and crossed #DefenceDay, they blamed American Company Twitter to conspire against Pakistan. An activist of Pakistan Cyber Force declared this campaign as Backtracked IDs which had been operated from London. On the other hand friend of Sindhis Xsec Server rejected the accusations and called Pakistanis a “Fool”.

Finally Pakistani activists outraged on Sindhi and Baloch Social Media Activists and started posting a fake picture of burning the flag of Free Balochistan and named it a slap on the face of “Pro-Indian trend (#DownWithPakistan).

Sindhudesh War was first introduced This trend.


Sindhi and Baloch activits criticized on Pakistan defense day.



Social site trendinalia was announced that now #DownWithPakistan is  a trend topic in Pakistan.


Pakistani activists declared it a conspiracy of RAW and twitter.



Pro Pakistanis started creating noise & posted fake picture of burning the flag of Free Balochistan more then two hundred times and named it a slap on the face of “Pro-Indian trend.


Balochs and Sindhis also raised voice against state atrocities.







Sindhi and Balochs separates declared  Pakistan as a terrorist state. 




Sindhis and Balochs emphasized the freedom of their oppressed nations.



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