Extra Judicial Murders of Sindhis, Sowing Blood Will Lead You To Reap It: Shoukat Zardari

Pakistan has four Provinces and among those four there is a province Named Sindh. Sindh which is well known for its liberal and secular values and has always been a center for trade through a history of five thousand years, Known as Indus valley civilization. Sindh which is known as the land of peace, love and brotherhood is drastically changing into the land of hatred inhumanity and conflicts. These days where at once side Pakistani Government is preparing for dialogue with Taliban who have not only killed more than 40,000 people of the country but have also damaged the country in last one decade but on the other side Pakistani establishment’s thrust for the blood has not ended. After disturbing Baluchistan for decades the same forces just to get their budgets increased for more arms and ammunition have suddenly started torture led murders of Sindhi youth and political workers in the name of Pakistan.

Few months back in Karachi we saw a 20 hour long police encounter claimed at the time against the most wanted terrorists which took three lives of innocent Sindhi. After the pressure of Sindhi media and Specially Awaz tv police had to investigate the issue and later was proved as the Inspector of Sindhi police Used the force to serve his personal interests for a piece of land.
Just the other day we got news of another encounter near kotri. Initially claimed against the terrorists involved in train firing incident. Later through media investigation we came to know that the youngster killed was a political worker of a nationalist party striving for legal rights of Sindhis. Afzal Panhwar was taken into the custody of Pakistani intelligence agencies two years ago and was detained for 13 months. He was thrown on the road in near to die situation but he survived through medical treatment. Just eight months after his release for an extra judicial torture cell of ISI he was again arrested two days before this fake encounter and later killed.
>Recently another Sindhi political worker named Dewan Premchand was kidnapped from Karachi and two days after his kidnapping his body was found. His relatives and party workers blaming Pakistani Spy agency ISI. Except the track record there are no such findings of any state institution involved in it.
This is not the end but there is a list of extra judicial killings of Sindhis in their own mother land. If we take a look of Sindh province we will come to know that the province is a bread earner for the country and contributes 70% in Tax revenue, 70% in oil and gas producer and with a good produce of agriculture. before Gawadar port Sindh was the only gate way to Central Asian republics through its thousands of miles coastline, But if we look at the lively hood of Sindhis we will be shocked to know that the Richest land of the country is being dealt with lack of Education, Lack of basic health facilities, Lack of road communication, lack of energy provision (load shedding for more than 18 hours). Despite of providing basic facilities now Government of Pakistan and its institutions have become beast for the people of Sindh.
I am not supporting any kind of Violence but can’t keep quiet on such injustice to the people of Sindh. If people of Sindh will be dealt like this and will keep on receiving bodies like this than by keeping in mind the intellect of Sindhis the Pakistani government will face bitter circumstances in near future and will reap the same blood which they are sowing with the extra judicial killings of Sindhis.

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