JSMM activists and other prisoners should be disenthralled on Eid occasion: Zafar Sahito

  • When Asif Ali Zardari was president in last government, he often used to announce the release of prisoners and mitigate their punishment on every happy occasion such as national days. He might do this in sympathy as he also remained a prisoner for a long time. Anyhow JSMM activists or other nationalist activist were not included in the list of political prisoners who were bestowed by the mercy of President.
  • Now we to see that, Whether Nawaz League government and President Mamnoon do such announcement for political prisoners or not, but one thing is for sure, that again, JSMM and another nationalist activist will not be included.
  • But, why? What’s the crime of Sindhi nationalist leaders? Nationalist politics is not a sin, and it’s not a crime to do politics to national issues.
  • If authorities think that political prisoners do not accept their authority, then can’t they try that they could make other provinces happy and satisfied as they have done Punjab so far! And abolish their anger.
  • Have ever this state thought that why only Punjab is happy and satisfied with Pakistan, this is because the state has given it all rights, moreover resources of other provinces are also spend on them.
  • Other provinces in Pakistan has always objected and expressed their grief that there are not given provincial autonomy, promised in the 1940 resolution of Pakistan.
  • So it’s not the fault of nationalist parties of the state itself that it has failed badly to give the rights of provinces, despite it has taken their objections and struggle as rebellion with the country.
  • For example, If India makes dams, Pakistan objects on it and struggles against it, but If Sindh, Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhuwah objects and struggles the Kala Bagh dam, it’s again taken as rebellion with the country.
  • Most of the JSMM activists are in jails for celebrating 14th August as black day. But if state refers to them as their own irate sons, and tries to make them agree, aren’t they able to do?
  • The state must resolve political issues in a political way. If the state can offer talks to terrorists and activists, why it can’t offer talks with political groups.
  • The state is an authority, and enjoys all authorities; it must behave accordingly and should take initiative in this regard.
  • But if state behaves prettily, then it’s not the fault of JSMM and other political prisoners.
  • State authorities must adopt the policy of equality, must behave with other provinces the way it behaves with Punjab. It must take initiative in this regard and free all nationalist prisoners on occasion of Eid.
  • But it is important to note by seeing the policies of state authorities that so far they think Punjab only as part of Pakistan.
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