Sindh’s heritage sites face serious threats; Chanhoudaro crumbling away

Ongoing construction works on Jamal Keerio road.

Nawabshah: The ruins of Chanhu Daro, an archeological site dating back to 2600 BC. located in district Benazirabad of Sindh, are crumbling away due to ongoing road construction works nearby.

The contractors of Government’s Roads and Services department, working on Jamal Keerio road project, are dragging mud and driving Tractors within the boundaries of the archeological site.

The excavation work on this crucial site related to ancient Indus Valley Civilization had started under the supervision of Aurore Didier, the head of French Archeological Mission in Pakistan, last year.

The three sides of the site, excavated by Aurore Didier, preserved with plastic to prevent erosion and climatic effects have already been destroyed by rainfalls and animal herds grazing in the area.

The Provincial Ministry of Tourism and Archeology has remained unaware of the erosion and road construction works carried out within the premises of the site and has yet not taken any step to preserve the site.

Sindh Literary Fraternity activists Manik Mallah, Sail Pirzado, Ali Nawaz Dahiri and others protested the ironical destruction of the site.

While speaking to Indus Tribune the activist Manik Mallah said “It’s tragic to see the valuable heritage in such devastating conditions. We are ruining our history and heritage by driving tractors upon it. What an apathy?!”. They demanded the government to immediately halt the road construction within the area of the site and take immediate steps to assure the preservation of the site.

The parts of the site excavated by Bengali Archeologist N.G Majmudar, early in 1928, have also been destroyed over the course of time. Sindh Government had also promised to build a boundary wall around the site last year to prevent it from unnatural causes but not fulfilled yet.