Editorial: Would International community pay attention towards the demands of JSMM?

JSMM gathered millions of people in its national congregation named as “Sindh wants Freedom” on July 6. This national congregation was an effort, as announced by JSMM, to make the international community and United Nations aware of the fundamental problems of Sindh and put the national case of Sindh on the table of United Nations Organization. Will JSMM be successful in doing that?

In the nationalist politics of Sindh, rallies, and demonstrations are a regular job and none of the days of a week miss that. On the contrary, JSMM’s congregation was a distinct event and certainly, it marked a new trend in the entire political process of Sindhi Nationalist politics. JSMM is a banned outfit of Sindhi nationalism. A few months back it was banned by the home ministry of Pakistan, alleging it a terrorist organization. Usually, organizations labeled as terrorists (mostly religious outfits) and banned by the government change their names and continue activities in Pakistan. It was the first time in the history of Pakistan that the organization alleged as a terrorist and banned, didn’t change its name and gathered millions of people to demonstrate its political power, denying the ban of government and proving itself a real mass organization having fair political motives.

On Saturday eve hundreds of thousands of people marched from Wadhu Waah gate through different streets of Qasimabad to Thadhi Sarrak, holding the flags of UNO and Sindhudesh (their occupied homeland). They were chanting the slogans of “Freedom, Freedom, and Freedom” enthusiastically. Congregation sought the help of UNO, USA, United Kingdom, Germany, France and all the civilized countries of the world to help them to get freedom. Congregation also resolved ten demands from the international community. Certainly, these demands marked the matters of life and death for the Sindhi nation. Now the question arises that will international community respond to the demands of JSMM seriously?

Among nationalist political parties of Sindh, JSMM is only outfitted having strong bonds with Baloch National Movement. It had also been conveying its voice to the international community previously. It had also become the one that drew the attention of the International Human Rights Organizations and representatives towards the atrocities of Pakistani State against Sindhis and makes them write and raise their voice on the matter. Hence it is a matter of grave concern that either world pays the attention needed to the case of Sindh presented politically by JSMM or not?

In a message of JSMM Chairman sent through audio link he said, “Today, entire Sindhi nation is looking towards international community to acknowledge their right to national liberation, and seeks the support from entire international community in their political cause; Especially USA ,who have been busy at bringing down the undemocratic governments, dictatorships, kingdoms in the Arab world and giving a strong back support to public, democratic opinions worldwide psychologically, actively and politically; must consider their historical responsibility in acknowledging and connecting the question of national liberation of nations with democratic right of the people of oppressed nations.

Nationalist activists of Sindh are looking towards international community after a long massive political struggle. Now it is over to international community that either it pays a necessary attention to the demands of JSMM or not?