National Hero of Sindh, Maharaja Daahar: Time to expose the real face of Arab Looters

Symbol of brotherhood, prosperity, and freedom of Sindh, Maharaja Dahir was martyred on July 2nd, 712 A.D. Maharaja Dahir was the independent ruler of Sindh martyred by Muhammad Bin Qasim, the cruel agent of the colonialist Arab Empire of that time. After 14 successive futile attacks of Arabs over Sindh, he (Muhammad Bin Qasim) was sent with a giant army to invade Sindh in the name of Islam. He brought a mass destruction with him.

Maharaja and his family were Hindu Brahmins, ruling overages secularly and in a civilized manner and never let their religion interfere in state affairs. In the times of Maharaja Dahir himself, his minister for finance was an Arab Muslim called Muhammad Ilafi, governors of various countries/provinces were Buddhists. Buddhism had deep roots in Sindhi society in his times as well.

Invasion of Arab looters on such a prosperous secular homeland considered as the mother of religions caused Maharaja to fight to the death to defend his homeland from being fallen in the hands of Arab Chandals (lizard eater barbarians).

Martyrdom of Maharaja Dahir and complete Arab occupation over Sindh was beginning to Arab atrocities over Sindh. The wealth and treasures were barbarically looted; mass genocide was executed, and women including wives and daughters of Maharaja Dahir were made captives and sold as a slave in the slave markets of Arab colonies. Stories of brave fighting Sindhi heroes and martyrs were erased from the history because of the Arabs, like every oppressor, wanted to keep Sindhis away from their real history. They converted Sindhi heroes in cowards and highlighted Arabs as civilized and peaceful liberators who perhaps were spreading peace with swords in their hands. Sindhis were greatly maligned in the histories written by Arab conquerors.

Their records declared Maharaja Dahir traitor, unjust and cruel ruler. They also made it famous that he married his sister etc. These fake stories have become a part of history and have been taught and published then still just to misguide Sindhi people for the sake of imperialist interests. This account is used to spread hatred amongst our population towards the real heroes of Sindh. This is a sort of religious imperialism to justify vested interests of colonialism in the name of faith.

Despite all these efforts by religious imperialists conscious and literate Sindhis acknowledge Maharaja Dahir their hero and Muhammad Bin Qasim an occupier, invader, and barbaric looter. They respect Maharaja as a savior, defender and great martyr of their homeland. Time needs the line to be drawn between the defenders as well as occupiers. Time has come to expose the reality of Arab invasion over Sindh and condemn it while admiring our forgotten national heroes.

Today while Sindh is suffering under the slavery of followers of Muhammad Bin Qasim, the Punjabis, it’s our duty to remember our great heroes and convey the real story of their sacrifice and bravery to our generations to encourage them through examples of their ancestors’ to rebellion which will set them free from this religious and economic imperialism of Punjab. Our freedom from Punjabi imperialism (Pakistan) will inevitably construct us a civilized society in return.

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