Party chauvinism versus Sindh Cause

In the national independence movements, the cause and the objectives have always been considered more important than personal egos of individuals or party populism. In contrast, Sindh’s centuries-long subjugation in foreign hands has disintegrated and demolished its stature of national identity and society. Factionalism, Narcissist Individualism, Personality cult, Machiavellianism, Party chauvinism have replaced the seriousness and objectivity of the entire society in general and independence movement in particular. These specific traits in the socio-political scenario of Sindh have not only weakened the society’s consciousness about politics of the rights but have also fragmented the entire political opposition towards oppression and subjugation into factions and cults resulting in the derailment of the entire movement for Sindh’s independence from the fascist clutches of Pakistan. Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz (abbr. JSMM) has been one of the few serious political parties in Sindh which have negated the factionalism, personality cult and narcissist individualism to convert this entire socio-political anarchy into an organized and well-disciplined political movement, unambiguous about its rights, cause, objectives and historic political process to attain its cause. That’s why it has been most persecuted Sindhi political party banned by the fascist Pakistani state.
A recent protest demonstration held by JSMM, JSQM and other Sindhi and Baloch organizations amid Pakistani PM Abbasi’s address to UN General Assembly in New York has escalated a new conflict cum debate in Sindhi social media and some pro-Pakistani Sindhi journalists touting the Pakistani agenda in the US have tried to neutralize the aftereffects of this serious political act through this factionalist propaganda. Pakistani media, keeping its traditionality intact, didn’t cover the opposition voices in front of the UN but Indian Media, in contrast, covered the protest remarkably and this encouraged the overall rights’ and independence activism in Sindh. However, Indian media’s caption to this news i.e. “JSMM, Sindhi, Baloch Organizations hold protest outside UN amid Pak PM’s visit”, annoyed some of the participants of the protest as it missed the names of some protesting organizations or specific individuals and contacted the JSMM Chairman Shafi Burfat in Germany to know his party stance on the issue. If considered wistfully, this was not significantly an issue of personality cult or party chauvinism but rather a step forward towards the Sindh’s cause of national independence where media coverage and encouragement of the opposition towards Pakistani atrocities in Sindh was worthy of being welcomed at least by Sindhis without any objection; but as described earlier, the factionalist, individualist, populist ambitions of the individuals, pushed by the Pakistani tout journalists, are more likely to overlap the general political consciousness and unity of Sindhi diaspora than the seriousness and importance of the Sindh cause, have come into effect to hold JSMM accountable for so-called manipulation of their reputation; this has ridiculed the very essence and importance of the Sindh cause in general and the protest in particular.
This has raised another question on the prioritization of party chauvinism over the cause of independence that which in between these two is more important?!
What is the logic behind this objection over Indian media’s mistake to name the parties present in the protest?! Or which is more delightful and significant for us, the coverage of Sindh cause or naming the specific parties?! Instead, we must be interested in the question that either Sindh cause was presented effectively or covered duly by Indian media or not?!
According to Sindh Post’s pro-Pakistani Journalist, there exists a “Nexus of Fake Indian media and Fake Sindhi Nationalism”. Now the question arises that is this logical to deem an entire media network to be fake if it just misses a party or individual name?!
It is very sad to say that few individuals are ridiculing the entire Sindh Cause for the sake of their cheap publicity, narcissist individualism, factionalism and party chauvinism on the behest of some yellow journalists touting Pro-Pakistani fascist agenda on foreign soil. Indus Tribune asserts that Sindhi political activists must set aside their personal interests, prejudices, factionalist ambitions, cheap publicity tricks and welcome every positive and optimistic move forward towards the Sindh’s cause of national independence.