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Four more JSMM activists abducted

State boosts operation against JSMM: four activists went missing in one day. We have been facing worst state atrocities from many years; international institutions must take notice. Shafi Burfat

A statement issued by JSMM reported that fascist intelligence agencies of Pakistan have boosted operation against JSMM; four activists were abducted in a single day.

According to the information collected by sources, JSMM activist and Journalist Muhammad Ali Noonari were abducted from Hatrri bypass Hyderabad along with his brother Zafar Noonari.

JSMM District Gen: Secretary of Nawabshah Nizam Kakepoto was abducted from Dolatpur bypass along with activist Ayaz Kakepoto. Ayaz was released after some hours later while Nizam is missing still.

Statement of JSMM expressed that State agencies have started abducting political activists again. State forces have also raided the houses of JSMM leaders. In this regard, JSMM Chairman Shafi Muhammad Burfat said that “State operation has been victimizing JSMM activists since many years. In recent days the successful National Congregation held by JSMM along with her persisting revolutionary tactics have frightened the state of its logical destination to hell and State has restarted its coward operation against JSMM by abducting four of its activists in a single day.

International institutions for justice, equality, peace and human rights must take serious notice of this state barbarism, oppression, and fascism. He warned that if JSMM activists Illahi Bux Markhand (missing since 16 months), Ahmed Ali Chandio and activists who are abducted today are not released, we will call up a complete shutter down and wheel jam strike across Sindh.