Human Rights

Men abducted from Gulaab Leghari

Badin, Matli: Three men including a primary teacher and two political activists were abducted in a raid of Rangers led LeAs from the Gulaab Laghari Village of Taluka Matli, District Badin.

According to Indus Tribune correspondent, a primary school teacher Imran Laghari and the Head of Khaki Parcharak Tehreek, Hyder Khoso along with his relative Zulfiqar Khoso have been abducted in two different raids of Rangers led LeAs from Gulab Laghari village.

Relatives of the abducted men called a press conference on this Tuesday and informed the press that the abducted men were political activists and were not involved in any of the criminal activities.

They alleged that state forces had tortured the family members of abducted men and looted the precious households. They also appealed UN, international community and international human rights organizations to take an immediate notice of the abductions and save the lives of the enforcedly disappeared men.