Human Rights

Missing JSMM Leader found dead, activists staged sit-in to protest

Missing JSMM leader Zakir Hussain Bozdar has been extra-judicially killed, and his mutilated bullet-riddled body was found near Degree College in Ghotki city this morning.

His mutilated dead body was wrapped in a shroud and dumped on the roadside near Degree College Ghotki in Ghotki city. He had been missing since a week, and JSMM activists had been protesting his abduction. Receiving the news, scores of JSMM activists and citizens gathered at Civil Hospital, and his brother received his body after identification. The outraged nationalist activists wrapped his body in Sindhudesh flag, marched towards Sindh Punjab National highway and staged a protest sit-in to condemn the extra-judicial killing and demand justice. The sit-in continued till final reports.
JSMM’s Central Committee member and leader Zakir Bozdar was abducted by Rangers led LeAs in a raid on his house in Mirpur Mathelo town of District Ghotki, Sindh. According to reports Rangers personnel along with local police and plain clothed agency cops in four police and rangers vain and agency cops in cars seized the Mirpur Mathelo town area in Ghotki and abducted Zakir Bozdar along with his brother Ghulam Hussain Bozdar from their house on December 3, 2016. His brother was released after an hour, but Zakir was taken to an undisclosed location.

He was abducted twice by the spy agencies of Pakistan. Formerly he was abducted on May 9, 2012, and was released October 9, 2012, after five months of torture and detention. He suffered severe liver and kidney problems since then.

In a statement issued to press, JSMM Chairman Shafi Burfat said: “The soil of Sindh once again has been bathed in the blood of its sons by the tyrant Punjabi imperialism on the day when the entire world is observing World Human Rights Day. Pakistani state’s savage institutions have crossed all the limits of humanity and humanism by extra-judicially killing Zakir Bozdar after inflicting severe inhuman torture upon him. JSMM appeals international community and human rights organizations to take immediate notice and action against the Pakistani state’s brutal kill and dump policy.

The savage, fascist, theocratic Punjabi regime Pakistan has been suppressing the voice of historic indigenous nations through a brutal state operation against nationalist Sindhi activists and has been involved in enforced disappearances, inhuman torture, long-term imprisonment and extra-judicial killings.”
“I want to clarify this point here that the Sindhi ruling class puppet Feudal elite is the equal partner with Punjab in the genocide of Sindhi people. Sindhi people are being victimized against their will and demand for freedom. I appeal the Sindhi nation to end their silence upon the hostile treatment of Punjabi fascism towards the Sindhi voice for fundamental rights, justice, equality, and freedom and tell the entire humanity that they will never endure this barbaric slavery of Punjabi fascism anymore.”
He addressed his message to the rulers of Sindh that their hands are equally stained in the blood of Sindhi youth. And if they realize this that they are powerless and impotent then must address the Sindhi nation that they are powerless, and condemn this barbarity and brutality of fascist Pakistani institutions otherwise they will be held accountable along with the Punjabi fascism for the bloodshed of Sindhi Youth in the court of history,” he added.
He further said that these coward savage tactics of Punjabi fascism could never restrain us from struggling for our rights, future, and freedom. He paid tribute to the life, struggle, and sacrifice of martyr Zakir Bozdar and passed condolences to his family. He appealed the Sindhi nation to protest the atrocities of Punjab.”
JSMM announced three days of mourn and requested nationalist activists to organize condolence references to pay rich tributes to the national political struggle and sacrifice of Martyr Zakir Bozdar.