Human Rights

Nationalist activist Waqar Chandio went missing


Hyderabad: 17 years old nationalist activist Waqar Chandio (Wiqi Chandio) went missing from Hyderabad on Thursday. 

Thursday night rangers and plain cloth personals raided on a house in Wahdat coloney of Hyderabad and arrested four men. On the way they release three persons and took away  Waqar Chandio a worker of Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz (JSMM) a baned organization,working for the freedom of Sindh

Mother of Waqar Chandio has said his elder son Murtaza Chandio was also kidnapped in 2013 was released after a detention of one year,Now again her another son has been arrested by law enforcement agencies. My son is not involved in any political or criminal activities. She appealed international Human rights that they must take immediate measures for his safe recovery.