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Student abducted from the exam hall at University of Sindh

Student of 3rd-year Sociology, Daniyal Pirzado has been abducted by the Rangers from the exam hall at the University of Sindh. 

Student activist Daniyal Pirzado, abducted by Rangers
Student Daniyal Pirzado, abducted by Rangers

According to reports Daniyal Pirzado, a student of 3rd-year Sociology at the University of Sindh has been abducted by Rangers and plain clothed spy cops in front of his teachers and other fellow students while he was attempting exams of the Sixth Semester in the exam hall of the sociology department at the University of Sindh. Till the filing of this report, his whereabouts were undisclosed.
The Indus Tribune tried to contact the campus security In-charge and faculty to comment on the issue, but the campus security officers threatened not to talk to anybody regarding the issue while some teachers who witnessed, confirmed the incident and expressed their concerns about the life of the student. “He is an intelligent student; I know him, I don’t know why Rangers has abducted him. We are helpless and can’t-do anything,” said Amir Abro, a lecturer at the Department of Sociology, University of Sindh.
Pakistani LeAs, Rangers, and Spy agencies have been involved in abducting, torturing, detaining and extra-judicially killing the students since years. Dozens of students have been previously abducted, tortured, imprisoned, sentenced and some extra-judicially killed by Pakistani LeAs.

It is a matter of grave concern that Pakistani LeAs have intensified torture against the educationist activists and any progressive student activism including Students’ Unions is entirely banned while state-backed student factions of extremist religious sectarian organizations like banned JuD are being patronized by these LeAs to get the foothold in the Sindhi secular institutions. Even faculty and staff is being harassed to not to oppose any unlikely thing that is going on around the campus. It is a very alarming situation that the State torture against students has shown a significant rise and has grown concerns about the security of students at the campuses.