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Veteran Sindhi Nationalist Leader abducted from his house in Badin

BADIN: Veteran Sindhi nationalist leader, the old companion of Sain GM Sayed, the former Vice Chairman of JSQM and the current Convener of JSMM’s Central Coordination Committee Ustaad Muhammad Rahimon, 80, has been abducted by LeAs, in a raid of the Rangers led LeAs from his house in Kario Ganhwer town of district Badin, Sindh.

Senior Sindhi Nationalist Leader whisked away by Pakistani LeAs
Senior Sindhi Nationalist Leader Ustad Muhammad Rahimon whisked away by Pakistani LeAs

The home of the veteran Sindhi nationalist leader, the Convenor of JSMM’s Central Coordination Committee Ustad Muhammad Rahimon was raided by the heavy contingent of the Rangers, Police and the ISI cops late night and he was abducted by the LeAs.
According to the reports, the entire area of Kario Ganhwer town and its surroundings in Badin was cordoned-off by the Paki LeAs late night and a search operation was carried out to locate the said JSMM leader Ustad Muhammad Rahimon and other activists. The women and children were beaten indiscriminately, and valuables were looted.
JSMM leader Ustad Muhammad Rahimon, aged 80, has been the companion of the Sain GM Sayed (the pioneer of Sindhudesh Freedom Movement) and is considered to be the most respected leader of the Sindhudesh freedom movement by all the factions of Jeay Sindh Movement. He is entitled “Ustad: the guide” by the senior most leadership in particular and nationalist activists of various factions of Jeay Sindh Movement in general. He has been the symbol of resistance against the establishment of CPEC project in Sindh. He was previously injured in the shelling and baton charge during a rally against the CPEC project in Badin this February. Despite his frail health and old age, he is the most feared old man of the Sindh by the Pakistani occupation. He has remained the former Senior Vice Chairman of JSQM and current Head of  JSMM’s CC.
Sindhi nationalists outraged as the news spread. Activists of JSMM and other nationalist parties staged sit-ins, protest demonstration and a partial strike were observed across the surrounding towns of the district.

Sindhi writers, journalists, political parties and civil society has strongly condemned the abduction of Ustaad Muhammad Rahimon and demanded the safe and immediate release of Ustad Muhammad Rahimon. His family and nationalist activists are concerned about his health and life in the custody of Pakistani LeAs.

Till the filing of this report, his whereabouts are unknown.