Diaspora gathers in DC to discuss Sindh issues

Washington, DC: Diaspora gathers to discuss Sindh issues

Washington, DC: US-based Sindhi diaspora organizations gathered at a two-day conference in DC.

According to reports, Sindhi diaspora organizations including SF, WSC, ISWO, JSQM, GMSB gathered to discuss the challenges and threats to Sindhi nation and sought collective means for resolution.

The delegates of the stated organizations highlighted the plight and marginalization of Sindhi nation in Pakistan including the critical issues of political subjugation, economic plunder, influx of outsiders from within and outside of Pakistan, State-sponsorship of the religious madrassahs, radicalization of liberal secular Sindhi society, State-incited persecution of religious minorities like Sindhi Hindus, Ahmedi and Shia.

The conference expressed their grave concerns over intensification of Military operation against Sindhi secular liberal political activists, lawyers, publishers, civil society and journalists and condemned the abductions, enforced disappearances, extrajudicial killings of hundreds of Sindhi political activists on the part of the Pakistani state.

The conference rejected the notion of “so-called development” projects to be directed at the wellbeing and development of the Sindhi society by deeming them to be nefarious designs of Punjab to elongate the slavery and subjugation of Sindh.

The press statement issued at the end of conference read “Conference delegates agreed that the Sindhi people are currently facing one of the worst onslaughts of violence in their national history at the hands of government agencies. Sindhi people are targets of a number of rights violations ranging from enforced disappearances and extrajudicial killings to attacks on their minority and indigenous rights, forced conversions, and the denial of rights and opportunities to their social, cultural, political and economic development.”

The conference unanimously demanded UN grant the “use of the right to self-determination and exercise secession for Sindh” to emancipate it from the yoke Pakistani subjugation.