Germany: Demo for the safe release of Sindhi Missing Persons held

Online / Germany: JSMM held a protest demonstration in Frankfurt to condemn the enforced disappearances of Sindhi political activists, demanding the safe release of all the missing persons abducted by Pakistani LeAs.

Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz held a demonstration on Frankfurt Germany to condemn and protest the enforced disappearances of Sindhi political activists abducted and illegally detained in hiding by Pakistani LeAs. Demonstrators carrying the banners and photos of Sindhi Missing Persons demanded UN and the international community, to take immediate notice and action to save the lives of the victims of state torture and enforced disappearances in Pakistan.

A press statement issued to media by the exiled Chairman of Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz Mr. Shafi Muhammad Burfat read, “In Sindh more than a hundred activists of secular Sindhi political parties Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz (JSMM), Jeay Sindh Qomi Mahaz (JSQM) and Muttahida Qomi Movement (MQM) have been extra-judicially killed, and hundreds of them have been imprisoned and kept in illegal detention centers. Septuagenarian, Veteran Sindhi Leader of JSMM, Ustad Muhammad Rahimon had been abducted by ISI and Paramilitary cops on November 23rd and is still being kept in the secret illegal detention of ISI and, on the other hand MQM’s septuagenarian leader, a philosophy professor, Professor Hassan Zafar Arif has also been facing the torture and imprisonment since months. Mujeeb Cholyani, Sunny Kakepoto, Zahid Adeeb Buriro, Liaquat Channa, Mudasir Kakepoto, Sarwar Abro, Ghazi Chachar, Nadeem Siyal, Hyder Khoso and students Nasrullah Jamali, Farman Hingoro, Altash Talpur, Ashfaq Chachar since months and Allah Wadhayo Mahar, Suhail Bhatti, Naveed Mirani since years and more than 50 other Sindhi political activists belonging to JSMM and MQM have also been missing.”
Burfat and others appealed UN, entire International community and international human rights organization to take an immediate notice and action to save the life of political activists belonging to Sindhi, Baloch, Pashtun and other oppressed nations subjugated by Pakistan.