Nationalists observed 14th August as black day in Germany

JSMM Germany

Frankfurt, Germany: Protesters led by JSMM Chairman Shafi Muhammad Burfat organized a protest demonstration at Goethe Institute, Frankfurt, Germany.

Protesters carried a wide banner and play cards demanding the freedom of Sindh from Pakistan and mentioning 14th August as a black day in the history of world and day of slavery of Sindh. On this occasion, speaking to attendants Shafi Muhammad Burfat said

“14th August, the day of independence of Pakistan, is in fact, a Black day for humanity and day of national slavery for Sindhi people. The two nation theory which laid the basis for the formation of the theocratic state of Pakistan in 1947 backed by strategic interests of the British imperialism in the region at that time, is the real political and ideological inspiration and cause behind the savage Islamic extremism and terrorism victimizing the civilized nations of the world today.”

He alleged that “ISI is sheltering international terror fame Hafiz Saeed and financing and running the Islamic terrorist networks like Haqqani network.”

He further said that “On one hand, this state is creating Islamic extremist terrorists and is forcefully imposed upon the historic, secular Sindhi and Baloch nations in the name of Islamic ideology and identity on the other.  Since 1947, Pakistani theocratic state has kept the secular, humanist, civilized Sindhi nation in her forced occupation and slavery, plundering its rich economic resources, depriving it of political authority, cultural freedom, historic geographic identity and secular humanist values.

Today, the 14th of August is the day of formation of Pakistan, a state that savagely massacred 3 million Bengalis in 1971. Today we appeal the people and governments of all the democratic civilized nations and international institutions for human rights to take a serious notice and immediate action against this theocratic fascist state of Pakistan, its corrupt military mafia and its savage intelligence agency ISI who have been massacring the Sindhi and Baloch nations, abducting, torturing, extra-judicially killing and dumping the political activists and common Sindhi and Baloch people just because they don’t acknowledge the occupation and existence of this fascist theocratic state, ideologically and politically. We denounce the existence of Pakistan, as it is a lethal poison for historical existence of secular Sindhi and Baloch nations and mark 14th August as the day of national slavery of Slavery of Sindh and Balochistan and black day for Humanity.

“Therefore, we appeal the UNO, EU, Germany, USA, France and entire civilized international community that if they seriously intend to exterminate the religious frenzy, Islamic extremism, and terrorism from the world then they must support the independence of historic, humanist, secular Sindhi and Baloch nations morally, practically and politically by exterminating the fascist Islamic theocratic state of Pakistan established on the basis of Islamic extremist ideology”, he added.