Dramatic appearance of missing Student; accused of trying exploding railway tracks in Hyderabad

Geo News headlines 08 am 10-November-2017

Hyderabad: Linking enforced disappearances with religious extremism and bomb blasts in Pakistan particularly in Sindh is not a new phenomenon.

Recently, on the electronic media, the Rangers showed the arrest of student activist Siddique Soomro dramatically, allegedly planting explosive materials in Islamabad Colony of Hyderabad.

According to earlier media reports the accused Siddique Soomro, a student activist related to JSSF (JSMM), was abducted by Rangers and Police forces from the Nasim Nagar area of Qasimabad Town in Hyderabad on October 13, 2017.

Siddique Soomro used to work Part Time in a grocery shop in the Nasim Nagar area of Qasimabad. Shortly, after his abduction, his younger brother had posted a video on social media complaining about the abduction of his brother Siddique and appealing higher authorities to release him.


13 آڪٽوبر تي رياستي دلالن هٿان کنڀي گم ڪيل شاگرد محمد صديق سومرو جو ڀاءُ دانهيدي…

Posted by Sundar Kumar Waswani on Saturday, 14 October 2017

It became most astonishing news when on November 10th the Rangers forces announced his arrest in electronic media by faking that he was arrested the same day i.e. Nov. 10th, while trying to blow up the railway tracks in Islamabad colony of Hyderabad with explosive materials.

Sindhi social media has been condemning his arrest on fake charges and misinforming role of Pakistani electronic media for broadcasting unauthenticated news since the day.

Sindhi social media activists blasted Rangers, Security forces and media for implanting such fake and dramatic stories to propagate secular Sindhi political activists to be terrorists.

On the other hand, JSSF (JSMM) leaders Shahzad Manglo and Jabbar Jhatial condemned the covert acts of the state forces against the secular student activism of Sindh. While talking to Indus Tribune, they said “The innocent students are first abducted, enforced disappeared, tortured and later extrajudicially killed or accused on fake charges of planting explosive materials to paint entire student politics in Sindh to be terrorism.” They criticized the role of Pakistani media which according to them “has become a stooge of military and other security forces which broadcasts fake news on the bid of military and intelligence agencies.”

“How a missing person, in the custody of Rangers and ISI, can try an explosion after a month of his abduction by the same forces?!” they asked.