Glowing tributes paid, Students remember Afzal on his chehlum

Students and Jeay Sindh Students’ Federation (JSMM), yesterday paid glowing tributes to Afzal Panhwar and Zamin Shah on their chehlum and remembered them as a true son of Sindhudesh.

Jamshoro: Yesterday, scores of students and workers of Jeay Sindh Students’ Federation (JSMM) gathered at Torhi Phatik ground of Art’s faculty, University of Sindh and paid Glowing tributes to Afzal Panhwar, Zamin Shah, Sobhal Dahar and Yameen Chachar on their chehlum.

Speakers while paying tributes to martyrs said that Afzal Panhwar, Zamin Shah, and others sacrificed their lives for the freedom of Sindhudesh. Afzal Panhwar led a positive revolution in students’ politics which became the foundation for better students’ politics. His teachings were more relevant today when anti-Sindh forces destroying educational institutes of our motherland.

Paryal Shah, brother of martyred Zamin Shah said that my brother was an innocent political activist of JSMM. Agencies of Pakistan first abducted him and then shot dead. Institutes of peace and justice should take serious notice over the martyrdom of Zamin Shah and his colleagues; Sobhal Dahar and Yameen Chachar.

Naseeban Panhwar, the mother of slain Afzal Panhwar said in her speech that, I would scarify my three other sons for freedom of Sindhudesh.

The friends of Afzal and JSMM leaders, while speaking on the occasion, said, “We as students and friends of slain leader have a responsibility of taking forward his mission and implement better thoughts of Afzal for safe educational environment”.

JSMM vice-chairman Dr. Zain Bhutto said that writers and intellectuals of Sindh must raise their voice against ongoing state operation. He said, on the one hand, many JSMM leaders were languishing in jail without trial and on other dozens of party workers had been abducted by agencies. International community takes urgent notices over the genocide of secular Sindhi nation.

Hussain Bux Thebo, Ramesh Kumar, Jabar Jhatyal, Sheeraz Pirzado, Asif Panhwar and others also addressed the gathering.