Hunger-strike camp for safe release of missing Muhammad Rahimon enters 26th day

Hunger-strike camp in Kario Ganhwer town of Badin enters the 26th day

Badin: Hunger-strike camp in Kario Ganhwer town of Badin enters the 26th day as Septuagenarian Sindhi leader Ustad Muhammad Rahimon remains missing.

Ustad Muhammad Rahimon, a septuagenarian Sindhi leader and Head of JSMM’s Coordination Committee was abducted on November 23rd, in a raid of Rangers and Pakistani spy agencies from his house in Kario Ganhwer town of District Badin, Sindh.

His daughter Sindhu Rahimon had held a press conference following his abduction and filed a petition in Sindh High Court Hyderabad Branch. She had appealed International Community and Human Rights Organizations to save the life of Ustad Muhammad Rahimon.

A hunger strike camp had been set outside the local press club in his hometown Kario Ganhwer by his family to protest the abduction and enforced disappearance of Ustad Muhammad Rahimon which has entered the 26th day today while the whereabouts of Ustad Muhammad Rahimon remain undisclosed.

Asian Human Rights Commission has also issued two urgent appeals, online petitions following the enforced disappearance of Ustad Muhammad Rahimon and extra-judicial killings of JSMM leader Zakir Bozdar and Ashiq Mugheri.

His daughter Sindhu Rahimon told the Indus Tribune that she has received no response from the police or other institutions in this regard instead police has intimidated them to not to protest against them.

“I fear for the life of my old father, he is diabetic and a heart patient, I don’t know where is he and how is his health and fear that he will be killed like others. He is a political leader and must be presented to either of the courts of this state. He holds the right to be treated legally; If agencies disregard their own legal system than what is the reason behind establishing these courts” she added.

JSMM and other Sindhi nationalist organizations have been continuously protesting the enforced disappearances of Ustad Muhammad Rahimon and other Sindhi political activists, demanding their safe release.

It should be noted that JSMM leader Zakir Bozdar was extra-judicially killed on International Human Rights Day after a week of abduction and Ashiq Mugheri shot dead. These recent incidents have raised concerns about the fate of other missing political activists and civil society is demanding their safe release.