I will sacrifice all my sons for the freedom of Sindh: father of Martyred Zamin Shah

Yesterday while talking to media in Badani, the father of deceased Zamin Ali Shah, the leader of the central committee of JSMM, killed in Madhu village Karachi by security forces has said “For the freedom of Sindh, if needs are that I have to sacrifice all my sons, I will do.

I am feeling proud on the martyrdom of my son for the noble cause of the freedom. My son has sacrificed his life for the freedom of Sindh.

He further said that I hand over all my sons to JSMM Chairman Shafi Muhammad Burfat for the national movement for the freedom. My son has raised my head by giving his life while saving the land and honor of the Mother Sindh.

Police and Rangers have started a new episode of tyrannies. Our sons are arrested and are murdered in extra-judicial killings. He said, there isn’t any criminal case on Zamin, but if there is any, in any police station of Sindh, I challenge┬áthem to produce it to media.

We have no hope of Justice from the Institutions of Pakistan; we will present our case in front of the Sindhi nation. He added