Jalal Shah disowns Sindhudesh; pledges conformity to Pakistani constitution

SUP activists carrying a banner with the Picture of G.M Syed during a rally – File

Islamabad: Jalal Mahmood Shah, chairman Sindh United Party and grandson of G.M Sayed has disowned any links with Sindhudesh Movement and ideology of his grandfather GM Sayed publicly.

He was responding to the questions asked by some journalists regarding his engagement with separatist political movement and growing number of enforced disappearances in Sindh, during a recent meet up with Sindhi Journalists and delegates of Sindhi Literary Fraternity (SAS) in Islamabad.

“We don’t believe in Sayed’s ideology of separation of Sindh from the federation. My party is a parliamentarian party that practices parliamentarian politics as per the Pakistani constitution and only nationalists following Syed’s ideology should be questioned about their politics” he said.

On another question regarding their silence on the growing cases of enforced disappearances and state torture in Sindh he said: “Honestly, we don’t have the courage to question and protest the enforced disappearances or the authorities that are involved in such actions.”

We believe in politics of non-violence and have brought back many of Sindhi separatist activists in Pakistani mainstream politics.

He further said that “Nawaz Sharif has considered solely Punjab as the federation; in his eyes winning Punjab in central elections is the key to power and rule over Pakistan.”

Jalal Mahmood Shah has been politically connected with the nationalist movement of Sindh based on the views and ideology of his grandfather GM Sayed, since decades. He has been claiming to further the mission of greater rights for Sindh as proposed by Sayed, but with a different discourse of the politics of his own. He has also been organizing political gatherings on the Birth and Death anniversaries of Sayed. His politics have been appealing the sympathies and support of the vast majority of Sindhudesh Movement in his self-proposed discourse of parliamentarian politics based on the demand for greater autonomy and rights for Sindh.

This is the first time that he has openly disowned the political affiliation to GM Sayed and his politics. This has invited a wave of criticism from vocal classes in Sindh even in his close circles of support and affected greater public appeal for support in upcoming parliamentarian elections.

As a result of harsh criticism and losing political appeal the Information Secretary of Sindh United Party alleged the press of distorting the statement of SUP chairman and denied any such comments from the leader of the party but the journalists responded by confirming the story and claiming to produce the video proving his statement including the controversial comments.