Nationalists announce sit-in to protest the enforced disappearances in Sindh

Sindhi nationalist organization JSMM announces sit-in to protest the enforced disappearances of nationalist activists and Human rights violations in Sindh on July 25th at National Highway Sakrand Bypass.

In a press statement of Chairman JSMM’ Shafi Muhammad Burfat, he said that State has launched a grand operation against JSMM as an aftermath and reaction of JSMM’s successful national congregation. ISI has abducted many JSMM activists since then. Nationalist activists will stage a massive sit-in on July 25th at National Highway Sakrand Bypass to demonstrate their protest against the enforced disappearances and Human rights violations in Sindh.

“After the national congregation held by JSMM on July 6th, this year. The state has launched a grand operation against JSMM activists, leaving many of them missing. I strongly condemn the shameful state action against sit-in staged by the family of the missing activists Muhammad Ali Noonari and Zafar Noonari on Hatri Bypass Hyderabad, National Highway.” he added.

He appealed all the conscious people of Sindh to join the sit-in organized by JSMM on July 25th.

He also appealed UN, European Union, International human rights organizations to take a serious notice of the State oppression, heinous state atrocities, and state-backed human rights violations in Sindh. “The World should declare Pakistan as the most dangerous state regarding human rights,” he said.

JSMM’s Secretary General  Mr. Sajjad Shar said that ” the state has started a secret military operation named “Core-92” against JSMM. They have decided to kill the top leadership of Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz brutally. He further said that we still do not know whereabouts of the missing JSMM activists Illahi Bux Markhand, Ahmed Ali Chandio, Muhammad Ali Noonari and his Brother Zafar Noonari abducted by ISI. He also appealed civilized world that they must break silence over the state atrocities and human rights violations in Sindh and Balochistan and urge Pakistani authorities to stop brutalities in both occupied territories.