Nationalists commemorate Thori Phatak martyrs; vow to continue struggle

A rally of JSSF activists also attended the tomb of martyr Amanullah Wistro in Machur town of District Noushehro Feroz

(Jamshoro/Nawabshah/Khairpur) Sindhi nationalists commemorated the martyrs of Thori Phatak incident on their 33rd martyrdom anniversary.

The Thori Phatak incident took place on October 17, 1984, when a university busses convoy carrying students from University of Sindh, Mehran Engineering College (now MUET) and Liaquat Medical College (now LUMHS) was stopped and ambushed by Pakistani Armed Forces on Thori Railway Phatak near Manjhand town of district Jamshoro.

The students were heading towards Larkana to attend a seminar on the archeological site of Moen Jo Daro, the central city of Ancient Indus Valley Civilization. This unprovoked ambush unarmed innocent students left five dead and scores arrested who were later tried for treason in Pakistani military courts and remained in jails throughout the regime of Dictator General Zia-ul-Haq.

This antagonistic incident added fuel to the fire of the well-known Movement for Restoration of Democracy (MRD) in general and Sindhi separatist nationalist movement in particular as the most of the students were related to the separatist lines of GM Syed’s Sindhudesh Movement. Sindhi nationalists mark the day as the “Landmark of Sindh’s struggle for freedom”.

Jeay Sindh Students’ Federation (JSSF), Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz (JSMM), Jeay Sindh Tehreek (JST), Jeay Sindh Liberal Front (JSLF) and other Sindhi nationalist parties organized candlelight vigils, political gatherings and rallies to mark the 33rd anniversary of Thori Phatak Incident Martyrs on October 17 in various cities, towns and academic institutions of Sindh.

According to reports, activists of JSSF, JSMM and JST rallied and placed floral wreaths on the tombs of martyrs Anwer Abbasi, Zakriya Memon and Mithu Buledi in Jamshoro while activists of JSSF also organized candlelight vigils in the various departments and hostels of Sindh University, Jamshoro.

The activists of JSLF and JSQM rallied and placed floral wreaths on the tomb of martyr Malik Khushik in Thatta.

JSSF activists also organized political gatherings and candlelight vigils in QUEST, Nawabshah and SALU Khairpur.

A rally of JSSF activists also attended the tomb of martyr Amanullah Wistro  in Machur town of District Noushehro Feroz.

The press statement issued by JSSF venerated the sacrifice of Thori Phatak Martyrs and other nationalist students that laid their lives in the struggle for freedom of Sindh from the deadly clutches of Pakistan.

“The primary motive of JSSF has been to launch a cultural resistance against the manipulation of Sindh’s ages-long secular and plural culture by Pakistan and factual representation of Sindh’s separate national identity. JSSF was a brainchild of Syed’s historic conscience about the ages long natural existence of Sindh’s national identity and Thori Phatak incident martyrs proved the students to be the key-actors and landmark of the struggle for Sindh’s independent future” read the joint statement issued by JSSF Vice Chairman Shahzad Manglo and General Secretary Jabbar Jhatial.

The JSLF Chairman Nawaz Khan Zaur and JST leader Sooriah Sindhi also venerated the sacrifices of the martyrs of Thori Phatak and condemned the brutal crimes of Pakistani armed forces in killing, abducting, enforcedly disappearing and torturing Sindhi nationalist activists till recent years.

“Nations cannot be crushed by military operations nor by killing its innocent youth who oppose the fascist oppression and occupation by Punjab in the name of Islam and Pakistan,” said JSLF Chief Nawaz Khan Zaur while talking to Indus Tribune.

“We vow to struggle for freedom and appeal international community to take notice of Pakistan atrocities against the Sindhi nation” he added.