Nationalists to mark 33rd anniversary of Thori Phatak Incident

Martyrs of Thorri Phatak
Martyrs of Thorri Phatak

Hyderabad: Sindhi nationalists have announced to mark the 33rd anniversary of the martyrs of Thorri Phatak.

“Martyrs are immortals; conscious nations find strength in remembering their heroes”. Said JSLF chairman

“The martyrs of Thori Phatak laid their lives for the independence and historic rights of Sindh and will be remembered throughout the history of Sindhi nation” read a statement issued to press by JSLF head Nawaz Zaur.

JSLF announced to hold ceremonies to mark the day.

Another statement issued by Jeay Sindh Students Federation (JSSF) also revered the historic sacrifice of the students killed by Pakistan Army near Thori Phatak on October 17, 1984.

“Sindhi students have been the first liners in the struggle for freedom and rights, and the sacrifice of the martyrs of Thori Phatak is the milestone in shaping the student and rights politics in Sindh” the statement read.

JSSF will also hold ceremonies to pay homage to the martyrs of the incident.