Protest against Goranu reservoir placement enters 344th day

ISLAMKOT, SINDH: Protest against the placement of under-construction “hazardous water” reservoir at Goranu, Islamkot enters the 344th day.

Goranu Subsoil Water Reservoir which covers an area of 2,700 acres, is a part of Thar Coal Project (Block II), supposed to store hazardous water to be extracted from coal mines.The Reservoir is being built upon the lands of 15 villages who are opposed to it.

According to the protesting local opponents of the hazardous reservoir, the vulnerable villages has a population of 15,000 whose livelihood, farming and livestock, would be affected. The protesting villagers Anwer

The protesting villagers Anwer Lodho, Ghulam Mehranpoto, Dost Ali Hajam, Khanu Dahot, Lakho Bheel representing all the affected communities told the Indus Tribune that they have been protesting the placement of the reservoir in a populated area since 344 days, but the government has paid no heed to their concerns and demand.

They said that they did not oppose the establishment of the reservoir but wanted it to be built away from their lands as alternative sites were available.

They argue that the hazardous water reservoir would affect the lands, sweet water wells, 200,000 trees and as many animals within the surrounding areas.

They informed that despite this “concerning controversy” about the Goranu dam, the Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company has been continuously storing hazardous water into it, which has been hazardously affecting their crops and climate in the area.

They said that their ready crops have been destroyed by the storage of contaminated water in surroundings, but neither government nor the company has taken any notice of our opposition, concerns and protest against the hazardous project.