Relatives of Sindhi missing activists continue protest

Sindhi Missing Perons Protest Karachi Press Club
The relatives of Sindhi missing activists continue to protest for their safe release

Karachi: The families, relatives, civil society and human rights activists protested for the safe release of the missing Sindhi political activists.

VMSP and HRCP activists also attended the demonstration outside the Karachi press club. The protestors were carrying the pictures of Hidayat Lohar, Khadim Arijo, Aijaz Gaho, Mujeeb Cholyani, Kaleem Tunio, Nangar Chana and other missing persons.

The families of the victims of enforced disappearances demanded their safe release or producing them in the court of law if there were any charges of illegal acts against them. The number of enforced disappearances in Sindh has exceeded hundreds in last year, more than fifty still remain missing while more than hundred were released after months of extra-judicial detentions in recent months.

Allah Wadhayo Mahar and Suhail Bhatti, abducted in 2014, also remain missing till the day. Families of missing Ayub Kandhro and Bilawal Chandio also participated in the protest demonstration.

The protestors appealed the UNO and the international community to play their due role in saving the lives of missing persons.
Neelam Arijo, the daughter of Khadim Arijo (missing since 261 days) expressed her concern in a social media post for the safety of her missing father.

“Our mother has died and our father is the only supporter of our family, he is innocent, I worry for his life. I would be protesting on the roads until my father is not safely released” she said.
The families and relatives of missing Sindhi political activists have announced the protest demonstrations for two days. The demonstration will continue until tomorrow.