Safe Recovery of missing student demanded

HYDERABAD: Different protests demonstrations were staged by people in favor of their demands outside the Hyderabad Press Club on Friday.

According to details, a renowned writer namely Habib Jatoi and his family members continued a protest demonstration outside the Hyderabad Press Club for the recovery of Saif Jatoi.

While talking to newsmen, Habib Jatoi said that his son namely Saif Jatoi has gone missing since past several days but the concerned authorities have still not succeeded to find his whereabouts.

On the occasion, he demanded of the high-ups to take notice of the matter and ensure the recovery of his missing son. Otherwise, he has threatened to accelerate their protest circle.

On the other hand, the members of the Special Persons’ Social Welfare Organization staged a protest demonstration against non-provision of facilities to them.

While talking to newsmen, the protestors said that the special persons are facing many hardships due to non-provision of jobs and other facilities to them.

On the occasion, they demanded of the higher authorities to take notice of the matter and provide relief to them.