Safe release and recovry of student leaders demanded

Students protest for safe recovery of their leader
Students protest for safe recovery of their leaders

BADIN: Jeay Sindh Students’ Federation Badin chapter rallied to protest the Pakistani Court’s decision to sentence a term of 37 years in prison to the Sindhi nationalist students’ leader, JSSF JSMM Chairman, Mr. Hafeez Pirzado, term of 21 years term to Asif Baat (a 10th-grade student) and judicial trial of JSSF (JSMM) activist Zafar Nohani.

They also protested and condemned the enforced disappearances of Sindhi students Sami Vistro, Allah Wadhayo Mahar, Suhail Raza, Bhatti, Baloch student leaders Zakir Majeed Baloch (BSO Chairman), Zahid Baloch (BSO Chairman), Shabir Baloch (BSO Spokesman), APMSO leader Faizan Iqbal by the Pakistani Law enforcement Agencies.

In a joint statement issued to press by Vice Chairman JSSF (JSMM) Shahzad Manglo and Secretary General Jabbar Jhatial, they stated that Pakistan’s puppet judiciary and state institutions are targeting the students of indigenous Sindhi and Baloch nations.

The academic institutions of Sindh and Balochistan are converted into the cantonments of Rangers and FC, with a strong surveillance of ISI, basic students’ rights to the freedom of expression, organization, union, and politics are denied and any outcry is harshly treated. In recent years, JSSF JSMM, BSO (Azad) and APMSO have fallen prey to the State brutality and torture.

Activists of these organizations have been continuously abducted, tortured and killed, only lucky ones get a chance to be subjected to fake court trials which are already engineered to result in the sentences of long-term imprisonment as in the case of JSSF JSMM Chairman Hafeez Pirzado and activist Asif Baat’s case.

They demanded and appealed the international conscience to take an immediate notice and put pressure on Pakistan to end state animosity against the students of indigenous nations of Sindh and Balochistan and assure safe recovery and release of Hafeez Pirzado, Asif Baat, Zafar Nohani, Sami Vistro, Allah Wadhayo Mahar, Suhail Raza Bhatti, Zakir Majeed Baloch, Shabir Baloch, Zahid Baloch, Faizan Iqbal and others.

It is to be considered that several JSSF JSMM leaders and activists including its Vice Chairman Afzal Panhwer, Assad Abbasi, Asif Panhwer, Babar Sandilo, Amir Khuhawar were previously abducted and extra-judicially killed by Pakistani LeAs, while several others were abducted and tortured.