Sayed’s Birthday: Slogans of Sindhudesh reverberate in Sann, despite state hindrances

Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz (JSMM) took out a massive rally demanding freedom of Sindh from Pakistani occupation

Sann, Sindh: The celebrations of GM Sayed’s (scholar, ideologue, and founder of Sindhudesh movement) 114th Birth Anniversary are being held in his hometown, Sann.

Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz (JSMM) took out a massive rally demanding freedom of Sindh from Pakistani occupation, the abolition of human rights abuses in Sindh and religious fundamentalism on this occasion. JSMM is also holding a political gathering to pay tributes to Sayed.

The Pakistan state forces were trying to sabotage any possibility of political show off demanding freedom for Sindh, since a week. The banners and flags of Sindhudesh movement were removed from Sann and many surrounding villages and towns were raided to harass the political activists to restrain their activities prior to the celebrations. However, masses reacted in sheer defiance and came out to commemorate the celebrations of Sayed’s 114th Birth anniversary by morning.

JSMM activists lead by Party’s Senior Vice Chairman Lala Aslam Pathan, Vice Chairman Shabir Mallah, Secretary General Dr. Zain Bhutto paid a memorial visit to the mausoleums of GM Syed and martyred JSMM leaders Muzafar Bhutto, Rooplo Cholyani, Muneer Cholyani, Afzal Panhwer and Anees Soomro, laid floral wreaths and recited national anthem of Sindhudesh. The families of missing and martyred JSMM activists also participated in the rally and political gathering of JSMM.

The political gathering was presided by exiled JSMM Chairman Shafi Burfat via an audio message. JSMM Chairman venerated Sayed in his speech and highlighted the ongoing brutal operation of Pakistani forces in Sindh including imprisonments, enforced disappearances, state torture in secret detention centers and killings of Sindhi political activists. He condemned the Pakistani designs of radicalizing secular Sindhi society by establishing a wide web of religious schools patronized by the Pakistani military, forced exodus of Sindhi Hindus, forced conversions and marriages of Sindhi Hindu Girls, economic exploitation and political subjugation of Sindh. He scathed idea of the engineered democratic rule in Pakistan and role of Sindhi feudal class as puppets of the military establishment. He censured Pakistani military establishment for patronizing religious extremism and terrorism and sponsoring it across its borders in India and Afghanistan.

“Pakistan is the womb and vector of Islamic extremism. Its unnatural existence is a serious threat to world peace. This irresponsible and fragile theocratic state is developing nuclear arsenals which are no less dangerous than the North Korean nukes and will eventually lead to the destruction of the world one day. The world should take serious notice of the Pakistani sponsorship of Global Jihadism and persecution/genocide of secular Sindhi, Baloch, and Pashtun people” he added.

“Pakistan is fooling China by dragging it into its strategic design for the makeup of Greater Punjabistan by promising China of the fulfillment of its long-sought strategic military aggression in the Indian Ocean. The project of CPEC is the veil of this nefarious bilateral design” he said.

He appealed the Sindhi nation to act seriously and responsibly to stand for their freedom from this “filthy theocratic state”. He also appealed the UNO, International community, especially USA, Germany, France, UK, and India to demolish Pakistan for the sake of humanity, regional and global peace.

Lala Aslam Pathan (Senior vice chairman of JSMM) also addressed the political gathering at Sann. He condemned the brutal state operation and state’s shameless acts to sabotage the political gathering of JSMM at Sann. “Many among us have been either abducted or killed, yet we stand united and organized armed with the ideology of Sayed, ready for every sacrifice that time demands of us; ready to slap the intentions of our enemy in the face. We the ideological followers of Sayed won’t give up our struggle and would never accept the yoke of slavery. We are the nation that built Indus civilization and we will get through these dark times come what may” he said in his speech.

Dr. Zain Bhutto (Secretary General of JSMM) venerated Sayed’s contribution in the making of modern Sindhi identity, society, and consciousness for the freedom. “Sayed was a great philosopher, he orchestrated the history of our nation, he cleared up the dust from the forgotten pages of Sindh’s history and rightly presented the anti-thesis for the pan-Islamism that prevailed in his times. He promoted rationalism and Sufism to teach us the peaceful coexistence in the era of chaos. Sindh is what he dreamt and will be lost if we don’t follow him” he said.

Shabir Mallah (Vice Chairman of JSMM) also addressed the political gathering. He urged the Sindhi youth to practice secular liberal politics and ensure the free future for their upcoming generations. “We vow to continue our struggle till victory. We have been historic independent homeland since ages and it’s the historic burden on the shoulders of youth to secure freedom for their freedom from the chains of slavery that this theocratic state has put around us. Military operations and state torture can’t make us bow before the evil; we will fight it till our last breath” he said.

Jeay Sindh Students’ Federation also organized a membership and opinion camp on this occasion. JSMM’s Publication Section also distributed the copies of its organ “Khahori” in Sann.