Sindhudesh Movement commemorates Sayed’s Anniversary: Vows struggle against Pakistani occupation

Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz (JSMM) organized a commemoration ceremony on the occasion of 23rd anniversary of Sain GM Sayed, the famous Sindhi scholar, politician, ideologue and founder of Sindhudesh Independence Movement, at his native town Sann. Hundreds of JSMM activists including men and women marched from Indus Highway to the Town where they placed floral wreaths on the mausoleum of Sayed and recited the national anthem of Sindhudesh. The participants of rally carried pictures of the Sindhi political activists enforced disappeared by Pakistan’s fascist agency ISI and army. The other placards and banners read the demand for the release of all missing political activists, demand for the independence of Sindh, Balochistan, Pashtunistan, and Pakistan-Occupied-Kashmir. JSMM activists also placed floral wreaths on the tombs of martyred JSMM leaders assassinated by ISI and Pakistan Army. A political gathering was also organized after commemoration.

The political gathering was presided by JSMM Chairman Shafi Burfat via audio-link address. He urged the Sindhi nation to respond wisely to the historic challenges threatening its very existence after its subjugation under the fascist tyrannical hegemony of Punjab. “If we have to survive as a nation, uphold our historic secular cultural identity, secure our geography, political and economic future, then every individual of Sindhi nation must share the burden of responsibility for the independence of Sindh from the from the yoke of fascist pan-Islamic Punjabi slavery. I must restate the historical fact that the nations that stand against the foreign rule and occupation over their lands and resources may sacrifice their lives and suffer under the fascist oppression but eventually, regain their independence and honor. Our motherland Sindh needs a rebellious generation who dare to defy the decades of humiliation, subjugation, and slavery. Today’s Sindhi society has become handicapped, powerless, victimized of anarchy and politico-economic uncertainty. It’s the Punjabi imperialist colonialism that has weakened our social fabric, discarded our national identity and dispersed our national standing by every rogue means. They abduct our youth, torture them in secret cells like Gestapo and throw their bullet-riddled mutilated bodies on roadsides and trash-piles to instigate fear in our hearts and minds, to silence our resisting voices. I urge the sons and daughters of Sindh to unite, organize and defy this reign of terror established by Punjabi civil-military establishment. Pakistan is a fraud, a deceptive pan-Islamist theocratic fascist state, a freak of nature and a blunder of history which is destined to be undone” he said in his address.

JSMM Chairman encouraged women to take an active part in the independence movement. “Sindhi women must actively participate in national independence movement because national women would never be complete and powerful without significant participation of women” he added. “The political struggle and national resistance are the keys to the national independence of Sindh and therefore I appeal Sindhi youth to prepare themselves for the firm political struggle against the tyranny and oppression of Punjab,” he said.