Sit-in against leaders’ abductions

Traffic jammed during the Sit-in of JSMM workers

The activists of the Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz staged a massive sit-in near Sakrand bypass on Thursday to protest the abduction and detention of their party leaders.

[Sakrand] Activists of JSMM staged a sit-in near Sakrand bypass on Thursday in protest against the detention of party leaders. JSMM activists led by JSMM vice chairman Dr. Zain Bhutto, Chairman Jeay Sindh students’ Federation Mr. Hazeef Pirzado and others, marched from the Sakrand city to the national highway and blocked the road for over three hours.

Speaking on occasion, Dr. Zain Bhutto, Hafeez Pirzado, Hafeez Sindhi and Afzal Panhwar demanded that the party leaders be produced in the court. JSMM leaders appealed to the international human rights organizations to raise their voice against the illegal detention of the party leaders and activists. They demand UN intervention to stop human rights violations and abductions of political workers in Sindh.

In a statement, JSMM chairman Shafi Mohammad Burfat said that writers and intellectuals of Sindh must raise their voice against illegal detention of the JSMM leaders.

He said, on the one hand, many JSMM leaders were languishing in the jails without trials and on the other dozens of the party workers had been abducted by agencies and their whereabouts were not known.

He said that news about the disappearance of the JSMM leaders had been widely reported in the press, and their relatives had held many protests demonstrations, but no one had taken notice of these protests.

Shafi Burfat said that the only fault of his party workers was that they were the true followers of Sain G.M. Syed and struggling for the freedom of Sindhudesh.

He also appealed to international human rights organizations and Democratic nations of the world to raise their voice against the illegal detention of his party activists.