UoS hosts two counter rallies concerning incidents of sexual harassment at campus

University of Sindh sexual harassment
UoS: Students held a rally against sexual harassment at campus

Jamshoro: the University of Sindh witnessed two different rallies concerning the incidents of sexual harassment at Allama I.I Kazi campus Jamshoro today.

The first rally led by the Vice Chancellor of UoS Dr. Fateh Muhammad Burfat was taken out by administrators, teachers, and students to ensure the students and their parents that Sindh university campuses are safe for female students after the reports of various complaints of sexual harassment. The V.C of UoS ensured students that the culprits of sexual harassment, blackmailing, and power abuse would be brought to justice after departmental inquiries and fair investigations being carried out by university authorities and district police. He urged that “the institution was safe for female students to continue their education.”

While the other rally was organized by the students on the protest call of JSSF (JSMM) against the incidents of sexual harassment at the campus. The participants of rally marched from Faculty of Arts to Central Library where they staged a protest demonstration demanding justice for the victims of harassment and restoration of students union to ensure students’ empowerment to secure their rights at the campus. The participants carried placards and banners noting “we are not safe on campus”, “Perpetrators must be punished”, “Restore Students Union”, “Cops off Campuses” and chanted the slogans against University administration and Teachers’ Union for their vanguard of black sheep. Talking to media, the participants of rally said that “Sindh university’s top administration is stalemated by Teachers’ Union, Security forces and corrupt beaurocracy to not to take any serious measure to ensure the academic and non-academic rights of students”. They criticized the UoS administration and government for banning the student politics and students’ union which, in their view, empowered the black sheep in teaching staff and administration to abuse their power in harassing the students particularly female.

Jamshoro, UoS: Vice Chancellor addressing students at rally organized by UoS administration.

“The involvement of forces in campuses, administrative corruption, mismanagement, outdated academia, lack of basic qualities, updated syllabuses, research labs and equipment, ban on students’ politics and student union, enforced disappearances, extrajudicial killings and accidental deaths  of the students, have worsened the quality of education and study environment at campus which can only be restored by administrative and academic reforms including restoration of students’ union and uplifting ban on student politics.” They added.

In a joint press statement issued by Vice Chairman JSSF Shahzad Manglo and Sec. General Jabbar Jhatial thanked the students for organizing the protest and highlighting the fundamental issues of the students at the campus at a short call of JSSF JSMM.

“Students issues are the result of state-imposed suffocation, ban on student politics and students’ union, the involvement of forces and anti-Sindh state policies. The rally was aimed at highlighting the fundamental issues of the security of students at the campus and the sexual harassment. We want to ensure the parents of the victim students and our sisters at the campus that they are not alone for it’s our responsibility to protect them and we will never tolerate any abuse and injustice at our institution” they added.