Voice of Oppressed Sindhis: The Indus Tribune has been launched

To share the muffled voice of Sindhi’s with the People, Institutions, Journalists, Think-tanks, advocates of human rights and people of every school of thought; foundations of  The Indus Tribune have been laid. The Indus Tribune is an independent news site which vows to present the muffled voice of oppressed Sindhi’s in front of the world.
Because of the imposition of critical governmental censorship over Pakistani Media channels and particular media group interest, the real voice of oppressed Sindhi’s has always been left unheard. This biased ignorance; shortsightedness and fewer media coverage to the burning issues of Sindhi nation have continuously been used to restrict the ground realities of Sindh to reach the civilized world.

Critical intelligence interference and coercion over Pakistani media have worked a lot. Pakistani Media have always been giving an impression of prosperous Sindhi nation living with great comfort and peace in Pakistan, while this false idea is entirely contrary to the ground realities. Sindh has been kept in the worst slavery suffering immense atrocities of state institutions and imperialist forces. Sindhi’s have no rights and privileges to their resources, illegal migrants from other Pakistani provinces and other outsiders have masterly authorities over public and private institutions in the Federation. The state is backing bloody communal/tribal civil war in the countryside of occupied Sindhi territory.

Religious extremism is being vastly preached and nourished in backward areas by state. Nationalist, political and human rights activists, have been abducted, disappeared, extra-judicially killed and dumped by intelligence agencies. Chemical and Nuclear warheads are being settled in the mountains of occupied Sindhi territory to eradicate our existence from this globe under a planned conspiracy.

Pakistani media have been digesting and dumping the issues of state atrocities against the men of the ancient civilization of Indus valley along with the problems noted above. There is no appropriate and enough media coverage to the voices and movements against these atrocities too. The foundation of “The Indus Tribune” has been laid to highlight and bring forth the realities regarding the state crimes against the people of Indus Valley (Sindh). The Indus Tribune will endeavor to represent the real circumstances and problems of Sindhi nation and would also struggle to present the real and historical stance of Sindhi’s in front of the world.
Indus Tribune will cover the news, articles, photos, videos, and reports regarding nationalist freedom movement, violations of human rights, deterioration of rich Sindhi heritage and culture in Sindh and will present the facts and real side of the state atrocities against the Sindhi nation too.
We invite all the well-wishers of Sindh to cooperate with the Tribune team by sending their precious writings, reports, suggestions, and comments on our mailing address.