Cry for freedom! Sindhudesh & Balochistan

It’s Pakistan, generally known as the irresponsible, unnatural and the theocratic state in the establishment, military institutions act brutally against the nation. They had conspired against two oppressed nations namely Sindhis and Baloch. They always carry out fascist operations against Sindhis and Baloch pro-independence political parties. Except this, different political workers of Sindhu Desh and Balochistan were also abducted, burnt alive and brutally killed by state institutions of Pakistan i.e. ISI (Inter-Service Intelligence) and MI (Military Intelligence).

Those freedom fighters and activists of JSMM who were burnt alive in the streets and killed by tortured to death by Pakistan’s security agencies include Bhutto Muzaffar, Khuhawar Sirai Qurban, Kalhoro Samiullah, Cholyani Rooplo, Tunio Noorullah, Kolachi Zulfiqar. On the other side, the same kind of fascist oppression is taking place in Balochistan. Thousands of Baloch political freedom activists who follow the ideology of an independent Balochistan have been abducted, imprisoned for years, tortured and killed in custody. Their bodies found in desolated areas across Balochistan.

Some of the top Baloch pro-liberation Baloch leaders have also been killed by the brutal state of Pakistani during military operations and other inhuman acts. Those leaders include Nawab Akbar Bugti, Balach Marri, Ghulam Mohammad Baloch, Lala Munir Baloch and Sher Mohammad Baloch and till today thousands of Baloch activists are languishing in Pakistan’s torture cells.

Being a son of the soil and the political leader of JSMM I am forcibly compelled by this state to live in exile from past 24 years. Till today I am facing threats from Pakistani institutions so that I may not strive for the freedom of Sindhu Desh. Since 2004, the military institutions of the theocratic state of Pakistan are carrying out a brutal operation against the activists of JSMM (Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz). As a result of, most of the Central Committee members of JSMM have been abducted by Pakistani ISI and MI brutally killed during captivity. The state victims include Majid Memon, Shaheed Babar Sandelo, Mushtaque Khaskheli and Asad Abbasi.

Pakistan military is carrying out similar operations against Baloch freedom loving leaders and activists. Baloch patriotic leaders like Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch is forced take refuge in the mountains whereas Mir Hyrbyair Marri, one of the most consistent and influenced leaders of Balochistan freedom movement, and Brahumdagh Bugti, the head of Baloch Republican Party are compelled to live in exile. Some great intellectuals of Sind including Keerat Babbani, Ghansham Parkash, and several others are also obliged to live in exile. The Pakistan intelligence agencies and army even do not hesitate to kill our intellectuals like Professor Ali Buland Solangi and Professor Saba Dashtyari.

Above mentioned the example of state’s brutality and Sindhi and Baloch people prove that the world has to tackle two issues. The first one is to get rid of religious dogmas, and the other one is the freedom of all oppressed nations. The above two problems are challenging for the whole international community. The reason for this is that the Pakistan is a theocratic state in which Sindh and Balochistan are occupied, and its ideology is thoroughly religious but with the freedom of Sindh and Balochistan, we can get rid of religious extremism and fundamentalism.

I would like to remind all secular and democratic states of the world that in 1952, addressing Vienna Conference the leader of Sindh G.M Syed has advised Europe and America, who were supporting and adhering religious groups in Pakistan, that one day these religious group will cause trouble for Europe and America. Europe and America did not pay any attention to what Syed said at that time, but today whole world is the victim of these conservative Jihadis and their terrorist activities.

Today as a disciple of G.M Syed, I would raise the same issue before European countries and American President Barak Obama that by aiding an un-natural irresponsible country, you are mistaken. With your financial, military and technical aid is not only being used against occupied Sindhis and Baloch, but the Pakistani state will use this support to Western democratic countries and will finance and organize the Jihadist groups. Hence, not only Central Asia and South Asia but whole world – its peace, security, political and social stability will be at risk.

We have been the guardian of peace and prosperity of the whole world for thousands of years. Our Sindh has always preached one philosophy, which we call today G.Mism who’s essential points have remained unity of human beings, universal peace, and development of humanity. Our ancestor wrote “Rag-Veda” on the bank of Sindhu River and laid down the world’s best cultural and traditional and humanitarian Hindu-mat. Every single line of Veda preaches peace, humanism, stability, and tolerance. That is the reason, in every age; Sindh has always remained a beautiful bouquet of different religions.

Sindh’s Sufis and Jogis by combining the universal concept of oneness and humanity have laid the foundation of the universal religion of mankind. For the growth of that religion of love and peace, we are putting forward our question of freedom of our Motherland Sindh in front of the entire world. Because of our Motherland Sindh, which has been contributing to world’s development and human dignity for thousands of years, is today victim of religious extremism and is enslaved by Punjabi imperialism. Our politics, economy, geographical boundaries, even though Sindhu River, where on its banks our ancestors wrote Ragh-Veda and preached peace, security, and prosperity. That Sindhu River has been dried and enslaved by Pakistani state and Punjabi imperialism.

Freedom of Sindh and Balochistan is necessary for world peace as well because Sindhi and Baloch have their own political and social views of tolerance and brotherhood against religious extremism and fundamentalism. I want to warn NATO countries, the president of America and strategic think-tanks, that you can’t bring peace through arms only, but you have to accompany the political and social ideology of tolerance and brotherhood of Sindh and Balochistan, against religious extremism and fundamentalism. European countries, America including all democratic and secular countries should support the freedom movement of Sindh and Balochistan. We can uproot religious extremism and fundamentalism through our ideological strength. Our national freedom will contribute to the world peace and prosperity, but the cost of NATO, America and European countries occurring in the war on terror will also narrow down.

The world should understand that in the state of Pakistan Sindhi and Baloch nations are in favor of religious tolerance, global stability, and human brotherhood, and on the contrary Pakistan military, Punjabi and Pathan nations are fundamentalists and religious extremists. As for as the state of Pakistan exists the Sindhi and Baloch nations will be under a continuous threat of genocide, but the religious extremism of Pathan and Punjabi nations will get access to the rest of the world through Seas of Sindh and Balochistan.

I appeal to all countries of the world, if you believe in the democracy, secularism, religious tolerance, cultural collaboration and human brotherhood, and are religious illiterates; then you have to support the Sindh and Balochistan, both as Free states. In this context, I want to explain one point of the world community that Ideology of G.M Syed, in such circumstances is an inevitable reality for bringing peace and prosperity to humanity. If the world does not play its role to support and recognize our national freedom, it will also be held responsible for keeping us enslaved. Indeed our oppressed nations will be a role model for civilized countries.

Long live International solidarity!

Long live the Sindhi and Baloch people’s struggle for freedom!

Cry for freedom! Sindhudesh & Balochistan
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Cry for freedom! Sindhudesh & Balochistan
It's Pakistan, generally known as the irresponsible, unnatural and the theocratic state in the establishment, military institutions act brutally against the nation. They had conspired against two oppressed nations namely Sindhis and Baloch.
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