Open Letter To The ISI Chief

Have you already accepted them as the residents of Sindhudesh? and accepted them as your enemies like India or any other country? that’s why you arrest them illegally ?!.

I don’t know what is the Ideology of Pakistan in front of your Team but through history, your organization has always been a defamer to the Country. In the name of saving Pakistan your Guys are pushing it towards disintegration, Fall down and Disrespect. your organization’s Main role is to save the people of Pakistan from any kind of danger or Attacks from the enemies but despite doing that your guys are making Pakistanis your enemy.If we look back to history from Bengal to Baluchistan and Now to Sindh majority has started hating your organization and if someone like me tells you the truth is considered an enemy even worse than India.

It really brings many questions in my mind that why your agency came under the allegation of abducting youngster Asif Pnahwar who was a final year IT student of Sindh university? I tweeted ISPR about the kidnapping and allegations on ISI but no one refused the allegations that time. can you please tell us, was he making bombs like Taliban or other terrorist groups? Was he involved in any heinous crime? was his name ever in any police records? If a teenager is that much threat to our country than imagining after murdering one teenager and throwing his body after a brutal torture will motivate how much more to hate you and stand against you?

If ISI or any intelligence agency is not behind the murder of Asif Panhwar then I am again bringing to your attention about the kidnapping of Sindh Human Rights activist Amar Fayaz and again in his abduction people are pointing finger towards you.

Martyr Asif Panhwar
Martyr Asif Panhwar

you have arrested many brutal terrorists of different extremist groups and brought them to courts then why Sindhis who you allegedly think are terrorists cannot be brought to courts? or you have already accepted them as the residents of Sindhudesh and accepted them as your enemies like India or any other country that’s why you arrest them illegally, keep them in detention illegally and then kill them above the law? because in recent history we saw even Indian spies were released from jails but when it comes to Sindhis their souls get released from their bodies only.

I might be wrong about ISI kidnapping Sindhi youth but if youngsters are kidnapped then is it not your organization’s job to find them? This is where the big Question arises that is your organization so incompetent to find the missing citizens of Pakistan or you are really tired of defending the country so you are making more enemies of the country by killing them for no reason.

I am sorry to say as a Sindhi I am already mourning the deaths of many youngsters allegedly killed by ISI but please instead of making things worst try to answer the families of murdered youngsters. Never think you and your organization is above the law. if you can not be asked here then definitely you will be asked by Allah who in Quran says “Killing one innocent human is equal to murdering the whole Humanity“. We are still soft on Pak army and atrocities of your officials and we still want you to find a proper and constitutional way to bring anybody to justice who you think is anti-Pakistan. If you will keep rewarding people with dead bodies than don’t forget what India did to us in 1971.

I hope you will find this letter in the best Interest of Pakistan and Pakistan Army. I know it is

very easy to blame any civilian for treason but kindly look into your own caller that who is a traitor on the name of Pakistan’s interest? Sindh and Sindhi are not a piece of Cake which officials of ISI will keep on eating like this. so it is humble request change your policy towards Sindh and make it clear that ISI is not involved in such activities. If you fail to do so then I fear that this fire will ultimately burn Pakistan.

Open Letter To The ISI Chief
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Open Letter To The ISI Chief
Have you already accepted them as the residents of Sindhudesh? and accepted them as your enemies like India or any other country? that's why you arrest them illegally ?!.
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