Sindh and World Co-Existence

Sindh, in its history, has for a long time been an independent and sovereign state. When the British occupied it, Sindh was an independent country. But after the occupation, it was forcibly annexed with the Bombay presidency. Therefore, for its liberation, we had to get the support of such parties, including the Muslim League, on such conditions which proved detrimental to our interests in the long run. Those conditions darkened our future. One of these was the two-nation theory of the Muslim League. The two-nation theory strangulated the noble feelings of nationalism and divided the Indians into religious compartments.

Another condition was the accursed separate electorate by which politics was intermixed with religion. On the basis of religion, the Muslims were made to believe that they were a separate nation and were to be governed under the Islamic jurisprudence. Our circumstances, unfortunately, forced us to accept willy-nilly those conditions. But the greater misfortune for us that in spite of being well-educated, secular-minded and progressive in outlook, the British patronized the reactionary Muslim League for their imperialistic rule and ulterior motives. As a result of that, we became, on one hand, the victims of the intrigue of the upper-class Hindus who had their vested interests and we had to be subjected to the special powers of the Governor of Sindh owing to the debt incurred on the Sukkur Barrage; and on the other hand we had to side with the Muslim League and follow its two-nation theory which was contrary to the course of history. Consequently, the separate identity of Sindh as a nation came to naught, and in subsequent years we had to confront other formidable problems. In the name of Pakistan, the Punjabi imperialism enslaved us. However, we are fully determined to do away with this slavery. We are nearing our goal and, God willing, that yoke of slavery shall soon be cast off.

The untold sufferings brought about by the two great world wars created such havoc and such enormous problems that we are facing today the challenge of a “New World order. Today, the democratic order, the capitalistic way of life, the communistic ideology and the preferences U.N.O. have lost their significance. The communist countries have bowed down to the upsurge of nationalism, while the capitalistic block has made the U.N.O. a mere puppet and subservient to its interests, aiming at controlling the world. But the fast changing scenario of the world will not allow this block of nations its monopoly of power for long. If a superpower like the Soviet Union cannot resist disintegration, the capitalistic block too cannot survive long so as to exploit the backward nations of the world and keep them in captivity. Time will prove these perceptions into reality soon.

If small nations like Brunei, Bahrain and Maldives can be the members of the U.N.O., why can’t Sindh become a member of that world forum? Considering its area, population, and income, Sindh is bigger and more potential than 70% of the present members of the U. N.O. How long would Sindh be ruled by brute force and against the wishes of its people? The slavery of Sindh, I am confident, Shall not last long.

The New World order is very much in the air today and some members of the U.N.O. have tacitly given their approbation for this order. There is no denying the fact that the present structure of the U. N.O. was hurriedly designed on the ravages of the Second World War. Therefore, in its structuring, no serious ear and thought was given to the prevailing situation. In the initial stages, four big powers were allowed the right of ‘Veto’, the Communist China was kept at bay for a considerable length of time, and then it was not only admitted to the world forum but was given the veto power. Similarly, some other countries too were deprived of membership.

If small nations like Brunei, Bahrain and Maldives can be the members of the U.N.O., why can’t Sindh become a member of that world forum?

A much better shape of the U.N.O. would have been there if instead of entrusting the veto power to a few specific countries, countries representing blocks had been given that right. For example, apart from the USSR all the rest of the countries believing in the ideology of communism would have been treated as a single community: and given the right of a veto. Similarly, the groups of thickly populated countries and the group of countries with thin population hard also enjoyed that power. At present five countries namely America, France, Great Britain, China, and Russia (after the disintegration of the Soviet Union) are the levers of power and as such, they enjoy the monopoly, but countries like India, Indonesia, and Bangladesh with much bigger population are deprived of that right. In the developing situation, it is not only desirable but also expedient that drastic changes are made in the highest world forum and that veto power should be given to nations as referred earlier.

But before the U.N.O. is re-shaped and re-designed, efforts should be made that all such peoples which are languishing under the yoke of foreign domination are made free. To these suppressed nations, an option may also be offered to join any of the said groups. In South Asia, there are certain nations like Sindh, Baluchistan, Siraiki Desh and Pakhtoonistan, which should be given complete freedom. Later, these nations should be given an option to join the Muslim countries having common spiritual values or to join the group consisting of India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal and Burma etc. After attaining freedom, the people of Sindh have a right to opt for any group.

In my considered opinion, the only way to avoid confrontation and atomic war and to ensure a permanent world peace, the unity, brotherhood and co-existence of the nations of the world, is the crying need of the hour.World especially UN,EU,Germany,France Should help us for the freedom of Sindh.

Sindh and World Co-Existence
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Sindh and World Co-Existence
If small nations like Brunei, Bahrain, and Maldives can be the members of the U.N.O., why can’t Sindh become a member of that world forum?
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