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Censorship: Facebook banned 11 Sindhi and Baloch pages in Pakistan

Online: Official Facebook pages of Sindhi and Baloch political organizations suspended from Facebook, the new attempt of Facebook censorship called the conspiracy to silence the voices of nationalists. Suspended pages are not running in Pakstan, Indus Tribune investigated.
In a letter no PTA/IP&WA/WAD/12/20 dated October 17, Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) asked Facebook to shut down popular Sindhi and Baloch pages.

Users from Pakistan are unable to reach Facebook pages that are mentioned in above letter, including a verified page of Shafi Burfat with the blue tick.

While talking to ANI JSMM chairman Shafi Burfat accused Pakistan of suppressing political voices by banning all social media accounts of Sindhi and Baloch national independence movements.

“From banning the social media accounts related to JSMM and other organizations, it is apparent that the Pakistani state is afraid of political voices and the national narrative of the Sindhi and Baloch,” Burfat said.

He further said that Consider this move to be an open attack on the right to freedom of expression and thought of oppressed subjugated Sindhi, Baloch, and Pashtun.

He appealed international community to take an immediate notice of this shameless Pakistani effort to suppress the secular political voices of oppressed Sindhi and Baloch nations.

This is not a new wave of Censorship of Pakistan Government and Facebook, in November 2013, Facebook shut down pages of JSMM and BRP after an online campaign for rights of the Sindhi and Baloch people.