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Official Facebook pages of Sindhi and Baloch political organizations suspended

Official Facebook pages of Sindhi and Baloch political organizations suspended from Facebook, the new attempt of Facebook censorship called as the conspiracy to silence the voices of nationalists. Suspended pages are running in only some parts of the world, Indus Tribune investigated.

Yesterday evening official Facebook pages of Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz (JSMM) and Baloch Republican Party (BRP) Blocked in many countries suddenly without any reason in the eve of yesterday’s successful campaign of #TerroristPakistan by JSMM and BRP on social site Twitter. It is doubted that current wave of censorship by Facebook is due to the enormous pressure from Pakistani Government.

While talking with Indus Tribune, the official Admins of JSMM and BRP Facebook pages said that they can view the pages but users are unable to view the pages and when the user clicks the link to pages they are automatically redirected to their homepages.  Our pages not blocked by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, because pages are invisible in many other countries of World.

They further added that JSMM and BRP have launched their new official pages on Facebook but they are concerned that their new pages will soon be removed or blocked.

Admin of JSMM’s page adds that the Facebook has blocked their official pages to appease Pakistan government which is the violation of our freedom of speech.  JSMM and BRP are the political organization of Sindh and Balochistan respectively and they strongly condemn the act of blocking of their official pages.

Admin further said that they have made another official page, but after blocking their three years old official pages is a futile attempt to harm their online activism. We request the international organization working for censorship to condemn new wave of censorship on Balochs and Sindhis.

BRP official page’s admin has also expressed his views by saying that BRP official pages have also been blocked and previously many of others pages of BRP were removed too.

On another hand Sindhi active users of Facebook has also raised their deep concerns on recent new censorship by saying that current censorship is not acceptable, it is better to remove the pages of religious extremist organization on Facebook not the pages of political organizations like JSMM and BRP.